Faust: Love of the Damned

Faust: Love of the Damned (2000)

4 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: Near the end when a naked John Jasper kills M, he staggers back and you can see a modesty pouch that is covering his private parts. (01:31:47)

Plot hole: After Jade sees Jaspers transform, she flees and calls the cop Margolies on his cell from a pay phone. It's pretty unlikely that in her panicked state of mind she'd remember his number by heart, especially since he only gave it to her that same day.

Plot hole: When Jade is a child and about to be raped, she is seen cowering in the corner in terror. Her father was her rapist, why would she be cowering away from her dad who was her hero? Before, she should have had no reason to think her dad coming into the room meant she was about to be raped, as it was a one-time happening and not something he did all the time.

Revealing mistake: Jaspers is supposedly naked when he appears in Jade's apartment, but when he's sitting down just before he starts to transform, you can briefly see he's wearing black underpants.

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