The Matrix Revolutions

Corrected entry: When we see Neo walk into the Oracle's kitchen, the Oracle asks the little girl to take them to Seraph, in one particular wide shot of the room by the door there are no flowers or vase, yet when the little girl walks past Neo, flowers and a vase have appeared by the doorway.



Correction: This is not a mistake. In the wide shot when Sati takes the bowl, at the very border of the screen (right side) we can see one of the legs of the table where the flower pot sits. This is visible in the widescreen version. The distance between the table and the door is not obvious because of perspective.


Corrected entry: Why was the Hammer the only ship capable of blowing the EMP when Zion was overrun? Where were all the other ships of Zion?

01:21:05 - 01:22:30

Correction: The other ships were either destroyed or being overrun at Zion, where they were called to at the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded so the crews could help with the impending invasion. Only four ships were absent from Zion at the time of the invasion: Nebuchadnezzar (destroyed by Sentinels), Logos (crashed on the way to The Machine City), Vigilant (crew killed within the Matrix) and Mjolnir, nicknamed "The Hammer".

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph are fighting the doorman at the Merovingian's club, Trinity shoots one of the doorman at very close range, but from the back we see only two exit wounds.



Correction: The third shot has an effect, the lighting makes it very hard to see, though.

Corrected entry: Neo's "sight/vision" after he has been blinded resembles very much the Daredevil "shadow world" from the Daredevil movie; only in orange and yellow like fire instead of blue and grey like shadow as in DD.


Correction: An extremely vague similarity between special effects in two different films doesn't qualify as trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: If you're planning on staying all the way through the credits to get a nice surprise (like in Reloaded), don't. They are awfully long, and there is no extra at the end of them.

Correction: How could pointing out that nothing happens after the film credits be considered trivia?

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Neo comes to the Matrix in his final fight with Smith, he sees the Matrix world as the One does (The green coding). At the end, when we see a shot through his eyes looking up at Smith, he sees the way we normally do - without the green coding. (Just by viewing the shot, it is clear that we are meant to be seeing through Neo's eyes).

Correction: First of all, it is never stated that Neo can only view the Matrix as code after becoming the One. Second of all, it is nearly impossible in a movie to see if a shot is through the character's eyes or simply from his point of view.


Corrected entry: In the chase scene, right after the ship makes that 90 degree full power turn, they show the female pilot upside down, but behind her you can see cables dangling from bottom to top in a gravity defying manner.


Correction: If she is upside down, and the wires are dangling from bottom to top, then this it makes sense. And this mistake is already corrected.

Corrected entry: When 'the kid' is talking to Neo in Zion about joining a crew the 'plug' on Neo's neck is gone.

Correction: This mistake has already been submitted and corrected. The plug is still there; it's black and so is Neo's hair. It's hard to see because of Neo's hair colour but it is there.


Corrected entry: There are many references to the first Matrix movie in this movie: signs on the subway that say "Tastee Wheat", the car that Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are driving in after Neo is rescued is the same one used to take Neo to the Oracle, even the license plate is the same: AA034. The reflection of him looking out is also identically shot.

Correction: It's not that amazing that a movie refers to an earlier one in the series. Tastee wheat is advertised again, all that means is there is more than one ad for it in the entire world. Neo being driven in the same car also isn't a big deal. They've all probably learned how to drive in that exact make and model, so they just load it again and again into the Matrix whenever they want to drive somewhere.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Agent Smith is talking to the Oracle, she is smoking but no smoke appears when she exhales.


Correction: This is already better explained in Triva. Also, she is still a program and one no longer operating in the context of pretending to be a human. People know she isn't like anyone else, the lack of smoke is probably part of that.

Corrected entry: Just before the kid shoots at the chains holding the gate, while he's on his side, in one shot, in the foreground you see the arm of the APU moving and the kid is in it, in the background. The APU's and the kid's arm movements don't match.


Correction: They do actually match, although the APU's arm does lag to what the kids arm is doing because of the Sentinel that's draped over the APU's arm.

Corrected entry: At the train station, the writing that says 'Mobil Avenue' on the wall keeps changing, from from the 3rd row of tiles from the top to the 2nd row from the top.

Correction: There is more than 1 Mobil Avenue sign there, and since it was the same background used without being changed, it couldn't have been changed, must've been either your eyes, the angle, or a different sign.

Corrected entry: This relates to the APUs defending Zion. Okay, I counted at least 60 APUs, during the scene where Mifune does his speech(Twelve rows of five abreast). 60 APUs, two guns per APU, makes 120. Plus, there are guns on the tower in the dock, I counted eight turrets with four barrels apiece, so another 32. Now, just estimating, the hole made by the digger is 5-10 meters across, 20-40 feet. The bullets would have to be depleted uranium 'tank-buster' shells to destroy the sentinels. My problem is this: with the number of bullets being fired into the digger entrance, how did any sentinels actually get through to Zion? I'd think the sheer number of bullets flying, plus all the shrapnel and collisions forming from sentinels being destroyed, none would get through.

Correction: Sheer weight of numbers. The initial entry group would be cut to pieces, but, as time passes and the defending guns need reloading, simple chance dictates that eventually some will get through. Once that occurs, the defending firepower will have to split, as some have to focus on the Sentinels within the dock. It's also probable that the Sentinels within the dock will manage to take out some of the defending guns prior to their own destruction. With less guns and multiple targets to consider, less firepower is trained on the entry hole, allowing more Sentinels through, and the whole thing spirals out of control from there.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene when Smith has cornered Seraph and Sati, you can see that Smith has had his left ear pierced.


Correction: Is this a mistake? Why can't an Agent can't have a pierced ear? If Hugo Weaving has pierced ears, they should be pierced throughout the movie(probably all three movies), so this wouldn't be a continuity error. Besides, that could just be the way that Agent Smith was written; the choice to give a program a pierced ear or not would probably be incredibly arbitrary to any program, including the one who wrote Smith.

Corrected entry: In the rain battle scene, where Neo is laying on the soaked ground after crashing into the road, Neo's ear is filled with water, in the next shot, the water is gone. Neo's head hasn't moved between the two shots.


Correction: His head has moved.

Corrected entry: In the final brawl, near the end when the two are flying above the city, after Smith flies around and hits Neo, the rain dissipates, but when Smith goes to fly Neo into the ground, all the rain that would've gone somewhere else is right there again as they fly toward the pavement.


Correction: When they collide with each other, they create a huge shock wave that forces rain outward in every direction. After that, you see Smith quickly pose, and the rain starts falling down again.

Corrected entry: In the chase scene, sentinels destroy a number of the Hammer's pods, but just before it reaches the gate, they're all active.

01:18:20 - 01:20:55

Correction: A number of the Hammer's pods ARE destroyed; however several are still lit, and only a few are lit when they reach the gate.

Corrected entry: When Seraph and Sati encounter the Agent Smiths on the stairway the first time Seraph looks down the agents are empty-handed, when he looks again a fraction of a second later the Smiths now all have their guns drawn.


Correction: I am pretty sure that when you can move faster than a bullet, you can probably draw out your weapon in a faction of a second.

Corrected entry: When Trinity and Maggie are looking at a computer screen in the medical bay, you can see Ian Bliss' character swallow visibly in the background, even though he is supposed to be in a coma.

Correction: Some people in comas can swallow, some cannot; some people can breathe on their own, some can't.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first movie, we see the sentinels break through the hull of Morpheus' ship in a matter of minutes. However, even though the Logos is covered with them trying to get to Gate 3, not one of them cuts the hull to get at the crew inside, even though some of them have been hanging on the exterior of the ship for quite a while.

Correction: The sentinels don't want to risk setting off the EMP and taking out the numerous sentinels in the area waiting to go into Zion. The sentinels would rather disable it from even getting into Zion and causing more trouble. Also, in the first movie, the ship was still and no one was on the guns shooting. In this movie, there are guns on the ship and more people on the ship to fight off sentinels that can get in.

Corrected entry: When Neo punches Agent Smith during bullet-time the raindrops seem to be "suspended" in the air as if time came to a halt. From what we've seen of bullet-time it merely slows down the shot in order to show it in a 360-degree view; it doesn't stop the action completely. So the raindrops should have still been falling, even if a lot slower.

Correction: It was supposed to show that the punch was very fast, indicating a lot of force behind it, more than a bullet.

Corrected entry: When the Trainman kicks/throws Neo into the subway wall, you can see that it is Keanu Reeves' stunt double - who hardly looks like him, by the way.

Correction: Although this was the case in the trailer, this was not visible in the movie itself.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo kisses Trinity after he tells her she may not be guaranteed life, we see the back of his neck - he has no plug things to be jacked into the Matrix with. Yet in the next scene where we see the back of his neck again, he does.

Correction: Neo's 'plug-in devices' are there. the one on his head is only half visible because of the shadows and Neo's dark hair. The one on his back is there ,but can't be seen because his sweater is covering it. instead you can see that there's a 'bump' under his sweater.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity dies, she has blood all over her teeth. Just before Neo kisses her, her teeth are suddenly all white.

druid Premium member

Correction: Her teeth are always white.

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity is talking to the Frenchman, the Frenchman's pin on his tie keeps disappearing, and then reappearing.

Correction: The pin is always there.

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: The volume of the Earth is about 1,083,230,500,000,000,000,000 cubic metres. The volume of the atmosphere is about 25,503,400,000,000,000 cubic metres. Therefore, only 0.0023% of the Earth would need to be tunneled (either by humans or machines) before the atmosphere no longer existed at the surface. The graphic displays on the ships seem to show a tunnel density throughout the Earth of tens or hundreds of times that, so the atmosphere at the surface should not exist.

Correction: Uh, no. The amount of the earth tunneled could not be anywhere near 0.0023 %. According to your calculations, that's roughly 1.2 times the size of the moon. That would mean there would have to be holes equaling the size of the moon dug through the earth. In the final flight of Osirus, the captain notes that Zion is 4 kilometers down. Which is right near the mantel, which is molten magma, the first layer of the earths core. Even if you excavated 4 kilometers off the ENTIRE PLANET and somehow jettisoned it into space you'd only be removing 0.0006 % of the earth. There is plenty of atmosphere to fill that, and the tunnel system doesn't encompass anywhere near that much.

Corrected entry: When Trinity is talking to Merovingian, Morpheus isn't wearing glasses. In the next shot he is.

Correction: He is wearing them the whole time. Please note that his glasses don't have arms, you might have missed them when morpheus turns his head sideways.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the Hammer where the nurse is explaining the strange neural patterns she observed in Bane she says he has evidence of 'fibrotic scarring' in his brain. The brain can not form fibrous scars (it doesnt have the right cells) so scars would be 'glial' not 'fibrotic'.

Correction: She is refering to the pattern of the neural signal, not the cellular pattern.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seraph and Sati are being chased by Mr. Smith when Seraph closes the last door that they are hiding behind, the doornob is on the right side. When Mr. Smith opens it the door opens with the doorknob on the left.

Correction: The knob is always on the left. They enter on one side (knob on right) so the other side is on the left.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Morpheus and Neo are hugging because Neo is about to leave, in the background the matrix code on the screens is falling normally, not messed up as it was earlier due to the matrix being near failure.

Correction: The reason the code was messed up is because Smith is "infecting" everyone inside the matrix. (point of reference: Matrix Reloaded: After Neo fights the Agents then flies away, Link explains to Morpheus what happened. "The code got all weird, encyption I've never seen before.") This occurs while Smith was talking to another Smith, and possibly infecting the "unconscience" agents around him. Thus, once Smith was done infecting everyone in the Matrix, the code returned to normal as nothing weird was happening. (Another point of reference: Matrix Revolutions: The code sequence during the "Oracle Take Over" scene, the code flies around in jumbles like that on the monitor screens.)

Corrected entry: When Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph find the Trainman for the first time, the trainman pulls out a revolver. During this scene he fires more than 10 shots out of the same revolver without reloading. Can't be due to him controling that world, because they're in the "real" matrix, not Mobil Ave.

Correction: It's not so much as "him controlling that world" as much as he himself is a program. That specific program is designed to 'have' unlimited bullets. He doesn't change the Matrix, he himself just isn't programed to abide by all the rules of the Matrix (such as: "You can only shoot the number of bullets that you have in your gun").

Corrected entry: When Agent Smith is talking to the oracle, there is at least one other agent standing behind him, but whenever the shot changes to look at him, there is no-one behind him. You should be able to see the top of at least one head.

Correction: The Smith that is talking to the Oracle is indeed in front of all the other Smiths, but the angle that the shot is shot is so that we only see him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seraph and Sati are being chased by Agent Smiths in the Oracle's apartment building, Seraph breaks open a door only to enter the room and close the door behind him. That door should not have clicked shut, nor would we hear Smith open the door while Seraph and Sati are hiding, as the lock was broken, so it should be able to just swing open. It's not just the second door we hear open - there are two door click noises.

Correction: Seraph only breaks the security lock (which you can see as he shuts it from the inside) as he turns the doorknob when he shoulders the door open. By doing this the knob and all its workings are left intact, thus it would still be possible for the door to click shut and open.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the APU getting reloaded by the "kid" you see his whole face get cut up then you see the "kid" go and try to help him. You also see a big gash right down the middle of his face. why is his face not bleeding? The slash just happened 5 seconds earlier.

Correction: The sentinial's claw was hot enough to burn the wound shut as soon as it was made.

Corrected entry: The first time the Trainman hits Neo in the stomach, he hits the wall with his back. He then falls, facing the train. When the train leaves, Neo is still lying there but has turned 90 degrees, his side facing the wall.

Correction: Neo doesn't fall facing the train, he falls with the train at his side. After he falls you can see the wall and the debris from the wall is behind him. Also Neo has to turn his head when the Trainman is talking to him so he can face him.

Corrected entry: When the Oracle is talking to Neo at some point we see a piece of cigarette ash land on her lip. We neither see her lick her lips, brush it away with her hand or see it fall from her mouth and in the next close up of her face it is gone.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: After we see the ash on her lip she takes another drag, the shot chages to Neo, then back to the Oracle taking the cigarette out of her mouth and exhaling the smoke. It would take less than a second for her to lick her lip. Also by her putting the cigarette back in her mouth, the cig. could have easily wiped off the ash.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Smith and Neo are fighting in the rain, they start running at each other. It zooms in behind one set of legs and in the background there aren't any other legs visible, despite the thousands of Smiths lining the road.

Correction: The Smiths are all wearing dark suits and it is nighttime. Whenever the lightning flashes, you can see them.

Corrected entry: Multiple Smiths enter Oracle's kitchen, but only one has a shadow.

Larry Koehn

Correction: Actually they all have a shadow, the first and third are the easiest to see, as they walk in to talk to her.

Corrected entry: The whole plot of the Matrix trilogy basically comes down to the fact that the humans "scorched the sky" (i.e. they created black clouds all over the Earth), thus cutting the energy from the Sun to the machines. Therefore machines started to use humans as their source of power. In Revolutions we see that the machines are able to build huge structures (such as the Fields and the City) - so why did they just not build huge solar power panels above the clouds? They are capable enough to do that, surely?

Correction: I don't think the machines can come into contact or even close proximity with the scorched sky, or they will be damaged (note the sentinels that magically fall off the Logos when Trin takes it up into the sky (the Logos gets owned also)). Even if the machines could get a structure up into the clouds, the disabling energy from the sky would diactivate them. The "human power" was readily availible...the machines were just opportunistic. I do agree that the use of humans for energy is a little gratuitous, but it makes sense in the scope of the "world" at the time period of the movie.

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: In the train station, the Indian program explains to Neo that he cannot come with his daughter because it is his karma to keep doing his job as a program. In both Hinduism and Buddhism (it is not definite which religion he is) karma is the overall value of one's spirit, or soul. The concept that he was speaking of was dharma, which is the duty that a soul is obligated to perform.

Correction: Actually, Karma has more than one meaning. Outside of Hinduism and Buddhism, it means 'fate; destiny' which was what the program was talking about. Karma in Hinduism and Buddhism does mean the overall value of one's spirit or soul. I don't remember if the program was religious so he could've meant it was his fate or his destiny to stay.

Corrected entry: After the EMP is fired at zion, which is supposed to fry all electronics, we see someone using one of those head-set walkie-talkies.

Correction: The EMP only seems to fry "running" electronics. Otherwise, every ship would be destroyed whenever it deployed a pulse. (I assume the trigger automatically shuts down all electronics before pulsing, then turns them back on). Therefore, they're probably using a spare set; setting off the pulse during the fight, however, destroyed all the active defenses, which made up the bulk of Zion's protection.

Corrected entry: Kid tells Mifune he is 16, while in Reloaded, ie. a few hours earlier, he stated he was 17, as he was thinking about which crew to join next year. It can't be due to lying about his age (he tells Mifune first of all that he's 18), as while Mifune might have been fooled in the heat of battle, his age is no doubt on record in realation to when he's ready for official duty.

Correction: "Kid" never says his age, all he says is, "next year I'm old enough to join a crew....". It's never mentioned how old you have to be a join a ship, just that you have to be 18 to join the "service".

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: During the bullet time shot of Neo punching Agent Smith, the raindrops are entirely the wrong shape. In real high-speed photography, raindrops are hemispheres, like the top of a dome - no matter how heavy the rain is.

Correction: The Wachowski Bros. did say that they wanted the rain in the Superbrawl to look like falling code, to symbolise the Matrix falling apart.

Corrected entry: When Smith and Neo are running towards each other in the rain at the beginning of the Super Brawl, it shows a shot of Smith's feet from behind and the rain soaked gorund in front of him. Nowhere can you see Neo running towards him.

Correction: I noticed this but looked a bit more closely - the rain and darkness combine to give very short visibility, especially seeing as this shot is low to the ground. You shouldn't be able to see Neo from this perspective.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo tells Trinity to fly over the sentinels, you see her pull back on the sticks with both hands, however, immediately before and after she is holding Neo's hand.

Correction: Upon close inspection, you never see Trin's right hand grab the stick, only her left. She does indeed hold on to Neo.

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity, Morpheus, and Seraph are chasing the Train man through the station Seraph is about to go up the stairs but the Train man shoots at him and he backs up against a wall. The shot changes to the Train man shooting again and Seraph does exactly the same thing, up against the wall from the same posistion.

Correction: It isn't a repeat of the same shot. Seraph was trying to step out and resume the chase, but he was fired on again, and had to retreat back to his hiding place.

Corrected entry: We already know, via the Architect's speech at the end of Reloaded, that there have been five 'Ones' before Neo. Now, Revolutions signals the end of the machine/human war, and thus a lasting peace. This lulls a viewer into thinking that there will be no more 'Ones' after this. However, consider this: The Architect only said that there were five before Neo; he did NOT specify the delay between each One appearing. It could well be that each of the Ones beforehand made peace with the machines, but then the war sparked off again. Just something to think about...

Correction: The Architect says what the past "Ones" had to do and did. Neo doesn't do this. I dont think the Architect was lying because of what he said at the end of the movie. The Architect said Zion had been destroyed five times, it wouldn't have been if past Ones had made peace.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In relation to Neo taking a ship to the Machine City, someone says something along the lines of "But no one has been within 100km of the Machine City in 100 years", but in the first Matrix, Morpheus says something like "I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes".

Correction: Morpheus stated in the first Matrix that there are "endless fields" he saw with his own eyes. These endless fields reach in every direction, Morpheus could have been hundreds of miles away from the main city when he saw them, supporting the claim that no one has come within 100km of the actual city.


Corrected entry: When Neo goes to visit the Oracle before he returns to the ship, there is a pack of cigarettes on the table when the Oracle is speaking with Neo. It moves around throughout the scene without her ever moving it.

Correction: The Oracle moves it to get a cigarette out. The rest of the time it remains where it was put.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo and Smith are fighting inside the building, Neo gets thrown against a wall and there is a circular depression formed. Smith and Neo then attack each other which results in Neo being thrown in the opposite direction and yet he ends up landing on the same wall with the same depression.

Correction: He is thrown straight back, NOT in the opposite direction. So he would have hit the same wall again.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Neo fights against Agent Smith in the rain you can see in one shot it is raining against Neo but in shots of Smith it's raining against him too, despite them running in opposite directions.

Correction: It is raining vertically downwards, with no apparent wind. The drops hit Neo and Smith because they are running into them, so the effect is correct.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Mifune is out in the dock, fighting the Sentinels, his APU's right weapon runs out of ammo in one shot. A shot later, Kid is struggling towards the APU with new ammo for it, and you can see the APU shooting with its right weapon despite not having been reloaded yet.

Correction: It doesn't actually run out, the guy in it holds it up, and can see the end of the bullets is almost at the gun, and he knows that it takes a while to reload, so he calls for more ammo before he runs out.

Corrected entry: In his alternate "fiery vision," after the attack by Bane aboard the Logos, Neo delivers the final blow to Bane's head, so hard that the skull is completely severed from the body. Yet in the very next shot, when the camera returns to "normal vision" showing Neo standing above Bane's corpse on the ship's floor, the head is exactly where it's supposed to be, still firmly attached. There's no reason for his alternate vision to be that different from reality.

Correction: His body also disintegrates into thin air before he hits the ground, so I'm guessing the decapitation is just a representation of his programming being destroyed, not the physical body.

Johny English

Corrected entry: In the previous installment, Matrix Reloaded, Captain Niobe and her crew are seen inside the Matrix disabling a power grid. An accident aboard there ship, kills their operator, which would prevent them from exiting the matrix (since no-one could cause the an exit phone to ring). In addition, we see sentinels attack their ship and inside the Matrix, their self projectiosn fall uncoscious (resulting in Trinity having to enter the Matrix to complete there work). HOW THEN... do they can their consciousness exit the Matrix? They are found outside their ship in the real world, in Matrix Revolutions.

Correction: Niobe's part of a separate team (Morpheus says it himself - three captains, three objectives). Morpheus' crew gets to the building, Niobe's crew blows up the power station, and the other crew (which dies before completing it) has to shut down the backup grid. The accident kills them and Trinity goes in to finish the job.

Corrected entry: When Neo and the Train man are fighting, the train man hits Neo into the wall, cracking it. After being left alone for awhile, when the camera comes back to Neo sitting on the bench waiting, the wall has not been damaged.

Correction: There are 4 "sections" of that station - two in the middle with benches, and one either end without. The left hand section gets cracked, but this isn't seen when Neo's sitting down - whenever it's onscreen it's damaged.

Corrected entry: According to the storyline of the Matrix, the humans destroyed the sun to ensure the machines had no power source. But in Revolutions, as Trinity and Neo go above the clouds over the human crop fields, Trinity says, "beautiful" as she sees the 'sun'.

Correction: WHAT??!? Try watching the first film again. At no point does anyone say that they destroyed the sun, we just hear that humans scorched the sky, forcing permanent deep cloud cover over the earth to shut down the solar powered machines. It's easy to fly over cloud cover - ever been in a plane?

Corrected entry: Neo's body is laying on a table in the ship unconscious, and he is trapped on the train station. Trinity saves him, then they visit the Oracle. When they come back to the ship, he's sitting in the chair, and crew members unplug him.

Correction: There has to be a reasonable length of time between Trinity being in the club and making her way to the station - plenty of time for the people on board to carry Neo to a chair and plug him in, ready to extract him once he's back in the "regular" matrix. Wouldn't have made that interesting a sequence...

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the siege scene, the big drill drops into Zion. In one angle, the drill is inches off the ground, then we switch angles where the drill is a good 20 feet off the gound coming down into Zion.

Correction: In the first shot where it appears close to the ground, the camera is several hundred feet away - perspective makes it appear closer to the ground than it actually is. In the second shot, the camera is right next to the drill, so the actual height can be determined before it crashes to the ground below.

Corrected entry: If Zion so desparately needs an EMP from a ship when the Sentinels are attacking, then why didn't they just build one inside the city itself years ago?

Correction: For the very reason Lock is furious - triggering an EMP near the city wipes out all of their other defences, leaving them open to a later attack.

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Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? For more than just your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desparately to justify an existence that is without meaning or porpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why?! Why do you persist?!
Neo: Because I choose to.



As the Oracle stands up from the bench, right at the end (after she says "Someday"), you can see a strip of yellow tape on the back of the bench marking the right place for her to sit.



In Greek mythology Persephone was the wife of Hades, ruler of Hell. Persephone is the wife of the Merovingian, ruler of the Hell Club.