Killing Me Softly

Continuity mistake: Before Alice enters the building, you can see part of her newspaper sticking out of her bag - the area that is visible just contains text. After she enters the building, there is another shot of her from behind, and now the paper is showing part of a picture and the barcode.



Continuity mistake: In the scene after Heather Graham has gone to Joseph Fiennes' house and they start to have sex, Finnes carries Heather into a room and places her on the floor, in this shot Heather's bra is tucked below her breasts, in the next her breasts are covered, in the next they are exposed again.


Killing Me Softly mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Alice and Adam get in the cab outside the bookshop, the number on the back of the taxi is 90167, there are no other markings on the back and the Y on the number plate has a long stalk. When they're pulling away from some traffic lights later, the number has changed to '14290', there are the words "fairaway 95" on the back and the 'Y' has a small stalk. Note that, since the number plate (K651EYW) stays the same, for at least one of the shots they were driving a car around London with the wrong plates on.

00:08:30 - 00:09:25


Continuity mistake: Adam and Deborah fight in the churchyard; when they're done Deborah has blood on her cheek but is otherwise unmarked. In the next shot, when she is shot by Alice, she has a huge cut on her forehead.



Continuity mistake: At the climbing center, when Deborah is helping Alice on with her harness they are standing near a man (with N4) on his shirt. In the subsequent overhead shot, there are now two men next to them standing shoulder to shoulder.



Continuity mistake: The cab number inside the taxi (88203) is different to the one on the plate of the back of it (90167).



Continuity mistake: In the first meeting, Alice is tapping a blue pen or pencil on the table. She then turns it around and looks like she is about to start writing with it. In the next shot she is doodling on her paper, but the blue pencil has changed into a black marker. The only other thing near her on the table was an orange pen.



Continuity mistake: When Alice and her friend are in the bar after the indoor climbing scene, Alice gets a pink cocktail and her friend gets a green one. There is a closeup of the friend listening and sipping the green drink, then there is a shot of Alice putting down a green drink, not her pink one.



Continuity mistake: In the graveyard towards the end of the film, Deborah is shot and drops to her knees. In the next shot she is standing upright again.



Continuity mistake: At the police station there is a file full of papers on the table. In some shots the file is partially open, in others it is closed with some other papers on top of it.



Continuity mistake: When Adam and Alice are having breakfast and discussing where Alice was the day before, there are jars of jam, mustard and marmite on the table. In the shots of Adam, the 3 jars are in a straight line but in the shots of Alice they are in a triangle, all touching each other.



Continuity mistake: After getting married Adam and Alice leave the church and run up a mountain. At the end of the film, back at the same church, the police turn up and the number plates on their cars (GLE and GUA) show they are in Kent or Sussex. There are no mountains Kent, Sussex or anywhere within running distance of there.



Continuity mistake: The first time Alice and Adam have sex you can see that he has a tattoo in the center of his back. The 2nd time, it is on his left shoulder.

00:11:00 - 00:15:10


Continuity mistake: The shots of the accident on the mountain at the beginning of the film are different to the ones shown when Adam is describing the accident, eg. at the beginning, the climber in yellow is leading with the climber in red behind her. During the explanation, there is no-one behind her.



Continuity mistake: When she is mugged, the man grabs her purse and the pink scarf it is lying on. In the next shot he is only holding the purse. There is plenty of road visible, showing that he hadn't dropped it.



Continuity mistake: When Alice is looking for the key to Adam's cupboard, the book on the dresser is at an angle to the edge. In the next shot it is straight.



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