Dawn of the Dead

Continuity mistake: When a zombie's head is held up in the truck to be shot, there is a big splatter of blood down on the face of the soldier. He wipes a very small amount of blood off, but when he gets into the other truck he is perfectly clean.

Continuity mistake: When the old car blows up both of the dead zombies are gone.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Roger hits the zombie with the truck, notice at the bottom right a trampoline from which the zombie jumps off.

Visible crew/equipment: After the main characters have entered the mall through the skylight, and have gone down the stairway in order to secure the mall, Scott Reineger and Ken Foree open the door into the corridor leading to the control room and boiler room. Whilst walking through said doorway, there is movement in the shadows in the top left. This has to be a crew member, as the only other zombie that is in this area is in the boiler room.

Other mistake: In the aerial shots of the semis being driven in the mall parking lot, the zombies are milling about. Notice they have left a path just clear enough for the truck.

Continuity mistake: When the Sweater vest zombie first goes up to the 2nd floor he appeared coming up to the 2nd floor moments later.

Continuity mistake: When Roger and Peter are blocking the entrances with the trucks, Roger kills a zombie with a long beard that is walking towards him between the trucks. Later on in the movie, we see the same zombie, in the same clothes, outside the doors, trying to get in.

Continuity mistake: Peter and Roger are attempting to hold off some approaching zombies while trying to get the door to Penny's shut. Peter then throws his gun and the keys into the store. In the very next shot he is trying to pull the same keys out of the lock on the door.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Factual error: When they are refuelling the helicopter (as a zombie approaches quietly from behind) the actor has put the gas nozzle not into the hole for the gas tank, but into one of the foot-holes that helicopter mechanics use to climb up to the top of the helicopter to do repairs. It doesn't even fit properly.

Dawn of the Dead mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the two kids in the airport attack Peter and try to bite him, notice in the top right corner a crewmember's hand comes into shot.

Revealing mistake: When the bikers are grabbing their weapons, we see a grenade. You can tell that it is fake because the bottom is bored out.

Continuity mistake: When the bikers are in the mall, a zombie is killed next to a teepee. Another zombie is pushed into the teepee knocking it over. As it falls, you can see the first zombie starting to roll out of the way.

Continuity mistake: When Stephen shoots a zombie clinging onto the car, whilst driving off there manages to be a streak of blood in front of the zombie where the previous take took place.

Continuity mistake: Near the end, Steven is in an elevator, and the zombie opens the doors and starts biting him. When he gets them all out of the elevator, blood comes out of his mouth and down the right side of his face. But later the elevator doors open and Steven is a zombie and the blood is on the left side of his face.

Continuity mistake: After parking the first truck in front of the mall doors, Roger jumps out and runs towards Peter's truck. Notice the zombie wearing the red and black striped rugby shirt. After Roger runs past him, he breaks zombie character and becomes concerned about his shirt being tucked in.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie at the TV studio, Peter tells Fran that they are meeting at 9:00 to take a helicopter out of town. When they take off in the helicopter and fly away, there is a giant digital clock on a building in the background that reads 6:00.

Continuity mistake: At the TV station, when Fran takes control of the camera, notice a man with a sweater and a beard behind her, but in the very next scene the same man appears with a different shirt on.

Revealing mistake: The female zombie grabs onto the back of the car and is dragged through the mall. Stephen shoots the zombie in the eye and if you look closely you can easily see this is no longer the woman from before, but actually a man who doesn't resemble her at all.

Jack Vaughan

Revealing mistake: In rural airport scene, when Peter reloads his weapon, he pulls a small, narrow magazine out of the bottom of the m16 mag, thus indicating that the weapon he's using is some sort of lightweight 22LR copy of m16 assault rifle, not an actual m16.

Revealing mistake: When Peter shoots the door the first round goes through, but the second shot just shows a flash of light behind the piece of paper on the door and never goes through.