Body Heat

Body Heat (1981)

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Maryanne is in the gazebo, Matty introduces her as Maryanne. Why would Maryanne, who was really Matty, not have said something?

Correction: The two women have a long, complex and at least partially criminal history together. Obviously the fake Matty hasn't told the real Matty the whole story (i.e., I am going to kill you) but she obviously thinks she is in on one of (fake) Matty's schemes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kathlene Turner first meets William Hurt, he buys her a sno-cone. As they converse, she eats it past the point where you can't see anything over the edge of the little paper cone, then suddenly it is back to being much higher than the lip of the cone.

Correction: If you've ever eaten one of those horrible little sugar-bombs, you know the technique - when the sorbet starts to recede below the line of the paper, you give it a bit of a squeeze to push it out again. Beats biting on soggy paper, eh?

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Ned: Hey lady, ya wanna fuck?
Mary Ann: Gee, I don't know. Maybe. This sure is a friendly town.



Regardless of how bad an attorney he is, Ned Racine must surely know that his acquittal for murder is a shoe-in. It's very doubtful that the prosecution would have even held out for remand in his case, and in fact they probably would not have even charged him in the first place. The fact that his fingerprints are on Edmund Walker's glasses is irrelevant. He and Racine were seen in public together, notably in the restaurant, and he freely admits to being in Walker's house. He could have handled Walker's glasses on any one of these occasions. The conversation Racine has with Ted about building the firebomb cannot be used in court, as Ted fires Racine as his lawyer at his second meeting; everything from the first is covered by attorney-client privilege. Maddy obviously isn't around to give evidence, and the yearbook entry Racine finds throws suspicion on her (and away from Racine) immediately. There are no witnesses and no forensic evidence, in fact there is nothing to support the prosecution case except a vague suspicion based upon his having had an affair with the widow-to-be. No court in the US would entertain the case for a minute (yes, I am a criminal lawyer).