Revealing mistake: When Daryl plays F1 Pole Position, the camera shows the full television screen for four seconds. The time remaining for each lap is decreasing faster than time progresses. Within three seconds of film, roughly six seconds pass in-game. When the car moves faster later on, the screen is tightly cropped to hide effects on the statistics. From the graphics this is the Atari 5200 version, which cannot compute quickly enough to represent that speed visually, and the score of 79950 is normally attainable, so the game itself is unchanged. The only conclusion is that the video is simply sped up.

Factual error: DARYL steals an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane toward the end of the film. Conceding the absurd notion that a kid could fly it (computer brain or not), the problem is that SR-71 required in-air refueling shortly after attaining low cruising altitude. It always took off with low fuel, because it was safer, and extended the lifespan of the tyres and brakes. (Not because it leaked fuel, although that's also the case, but the amount actually lost on the ground was relatively negligible). Without refuelling DARYL would have run out of fuel long before his flight ended.

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Daryl: Doctor, What am I?

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