The Big Bus

The Big Bus (1976)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Kitty Baxter: Dan's a good man, and he's never eaten a whole person in his entire life.

Parking Lot Doctor: Please sign this, absolving me of any responsibility for the results of treatment.
Kitty Baxter: But you're a Doctor.
Parking Lot Doctor: And I intend to remain one.

Dan: Quick, how many decisions have I made today?

Dan: Raise the flags of all nations.

Dan: I'd eaten everything else! I ate the seat cushions like they told us to in training.

Voice in barfight: Look out! He's got a broken milk carton.

Dan: Now I know it looked like I fell... but it was all part of my plan.

Dan: Look, Bendix made a stew. I had no idea there was a foot in it.

Audio problem: When the lifeguard says "Come on, everybody" at the swimming pool, his mouth doesn't move.

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