Malibu's Most Wanted

Revealing mistake: When Gladys is serving B-Rad his food, you see her take his knife and fork and start to cut his steak. If you look closely she hardly even touches his steak with the knife but she makes the movements like she's cutting it. (00:15:59)


Revealing mistake: When B-Rad and Shoundra are driving on the highway, right after B-Rad says, "I've been down with the brizzown all my life." the highway that they are driving on has a turn that you can see all the cars go through, including B-Rad's car, but B-Rad doesn't turn the steering wheel.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where you see the dad taking to everyone after he crashes into the house, you see him telling everyone how they shouldn't use guns to solve their problems but if you look closely at the time he starts talking, you can see one of the actual gangsters point their gun right at him a little later then the rest of the other people.

Revealing mistake: When Sean pulls out the knife to cut the tape on B-Rad's hands, you can see that he doesn't even come close to the tape but you hear the sound of tape being ripped. (00:29:39)


Revealing mistake: Towards the end, when the bazooka blows up the house and everyone is running frantically, you can easily tell that Mr. Gluckman's Hummer is a cut-out prop, not a real one.

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