Malibu's Most Wanted

Deliberate mistake: When Sean James is reading 'The A-Z of Hip Hop' he reads 'whack' and 'dis' and their meanings out loud without turning the pages. The letters 'W' and 'D' are nowhere near each other in the English alphabet.

Continuity mistake: When B-Rad gets car jacked, his friends are fighting with yo' momma jokes. First they are standing across a table, but in the next shot they are right next to each other, close enough to push each other.

Continuity mistake: When they pull up to the store, Sean is telling B-Rad what he wants and you see Sean's left hand on the steering wheel. The camera angle changes after B-Rad says something and Sean now has a gun in his left hand. (00:30:33)


Revealing mistake: When Sean pulls out the knife to cut the tape on B-Rad's hands, you can see that he doesn't even come close to the tape but you hear the sound of tape being ripped. (00:29:39)


Continuity mistake: The bullet holes in the car and windows are not the same on the car after the phone call to Tom for the ransom to when the car is shown in front of the house. (01:02:15)


Continuity mistake: When B-Rad and his dad make up, you see the gang members all around them pointing their guns. The camera angle changes and no-one is pointing their guns anymore. (01:15:00)


Continuity mistake: When B-Rad shows up for his dad's press conference, he gets out of his car and starts rapping. The dancer in the Hollywood shirt is seen walking to the right to dance with one of the girl dancers. The camera angle changes and you see him walking to the right again to dance with the girl. (00:03:52)


Plot hole: How come B-rad doesn't recognize the actors? They are from B-rad's dad's commercials but B-rad doesn't acknowledge it whatsoever.

Other mistake: When Tec is making the ransom call for B-Rad, the Mexicans show up and start shooting. Tec's friend ducks and starts to run before the shots are fired.

Continuity mistake: When the musket is fired you see that it is pointing upwards, but when the camera angle changes it is now seen firing at a much lower level. (01:16:05)


Revealing mistake: Towards the end, when the bazooka blows up the house and everyone is running frantically, you can easily tell that Mr. Gluckman's Hummer is a cut-out prop, not a real one.

Continuity mistake: When B-Rad pulls the spear from his butt, he is seen holding it towards the top of the shaft. The camera angle changes and he is now seen holding it much lower. (01:16:19)


Continuity mistake: When Sean is yelling at B-Rad in front of the store he has a gun in his left hand. The camera angle changes and the gun is now in his right hand. (00:30:41)


B-Rad: I got a PHD. Poser Hater Degree.

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Question: Is there a reason the dumpster they threw B-Rad in was full of Wonderbread and nothing else?

Answer: "Wonderbread and whitebread" are derogatory terms used to describe a white man. It can be mean or good-natured, like most put-downs.

Grumpy Scot

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