Basic (2003)

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During a Army Ranger exercise, the legendary Colonel West (Samuel L. Jackson) is shot and killed. Was it intentional? was it an accident? There are only two witnesses left alive. One is being held at an army base and the other is in the hospital. Why is the one at the base refusing to talk? He says he will only talk to a Ranger... so they call upon Hardy (John Travolta), a former Ranger who is now a DEA agent. He and Osborne (Connie Nielsen) talk to the witnesses... their versions of what happened during the exercise are different. Who's telling the truth? Who's lying?

Factual error: What's up with Nunez? A female soldier is not permitted to be a Ranger in the US Army, let alone take part in a combat FTX.

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Styles: If you lose enough in life what you are is a loser.

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Question: Why did the REAL Pike pick Kapler up and take him out? Was it a plan of Section 8 or what?

Answer: It added to the plan of section 8, in that they were successfully able to stage two contradicting stories and source further incriminating evidence about the doctor and Colonel. By having Kapler there, they were able to see who would make an attempt on his life, the Colonel, and completely shut down the drug smuggling operation.

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