Basic (2003)

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During a Army Ranger exercise, the legendary Colonel West (Samuel L. Jackson) is shot and killed. Was it intentional? was it an accident? There are only two witnesses left alive. One is being held at an army base and the other is in the hospital. Why is the one at the base refusing to talk? He says he will only talk to a Ranger... so they call upon Hardy (John Travolta), a former Ranger who is now a DEA agent. He and Osborne (Connie Nielsen) talk to the witnesses... their versions of what happened during the exercise are different. Who's telling the truth? Who's lying?

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When the Ranger trainees first meet Samuel L. Jackson, he's wearing the rank of a Specialist on his collars even though he's a Master Sergeant. Title 18, Chapter 33 of the US code prevents the unauthorized wear of a military uniform (among other things), however this does not automatically correct the mistake since a common misconception is that one slight alteration is sufficient to make the uniform legal. Having the wrong rank on is too obvious of an alteration, especially for anybody who has spent more than a day in or around the Army and would still be punishable by law, if he was dressed in an attempt to fool your average citizen outside of a movie.