Les Quatre cents coups
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Gilberte Doinel: I'm not in the mood.
Julien Doinel: Too bad, I am.

Judge: I think we should place your child under observation in a special home.
Gilberte Doinel: Could it be by the sea, Your Honor?

Antoine Doinel: I need some money for lunch, dad. Only 1,000 francs.
Julien Doinel: Therefore you hope for 500. Therefore you need 300. Here's 100.

Psychiatrist: Your parents say you're always lying.
Antoine Doinel: Oh, I lie now and then, I suppose. Sometimes I'd tell them the truth and they still wouldn't believe me, so I prefer to lie.

Gilberte Doinel: Antoine! He saw me.
The Lover: Which one's he?
Gilberte Doinel: With dark hair. But he should be in school.
Rene: You'll get it.
Antoine Doinel: She won't dare tell Dad.

Julien Doinel: You don't seem surprised.
Gilberte Doinel: Why should I be? He's capable of anything.

Gilberte Doinel: He's a liar.
Julien Doinel: Like you.
Gilberte Doinel: If you raised him right.
Julien Doinel: Shit! I gave him a name! I feed him.
Gilberte Doinel: I'm sick of your complaints! Fed up! If you can't stand him, say so. We'll put him in an orphanage so I can have some peace.

Rene: Bonjour, Madam.
Man in Street: Little devil.

English Teacher: Last and simple question. Where is the father?
Rene: Ze fazer.
English Teacher: No. The father.
Rene: Ze fazer.
English Teacher: No, the tip of the tongue between the teeth. As if you had a lisp. Father.
Rene: Fazer.
English Teacher: No.
Rene: But I can't, sir. Not everybody has a tongue like yours.

Juvenile Delinquent: I'm an unstable psychotic individual with perverted tendencies.

Juvenile Delinquent: Every time I cried, my father would imitate me on his fiddle, just to drive me nuts. One day I got fed up and I knocked him out.

Continuity mistake: After the boy's Noel-Coward-lookalike father says, 'Et les fruits?', goes into the kitchen, and disappears out of shot, watch the cat on top of the bookcase to the left of the door. Before the boy runs into shot, the cat suddenly changes position and a mysterious lens flare appears on the right of the screen, showing that it's actually two shots edited together.

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