Doc Hollywood

Doc Hollywood (1991)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Lou and Dr. Stone are in the woods and she begins urinating on the ground to scare away the deer, she pulls her jeans down but does not pull down her underwear. Can't be some careful rearranging - Lou's hands are in plain view the whole time on the waistband of her pants.

Correction: It's simpler than "careful rearrangement". Watch the scene carefully - Lou isn't wearing any underwear to begin with.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Stone is given the pipe from the father of the baby he delivered, he puts it in his mouth and starts walking down the stairs. The camera angle changes to the bottom of the stairs and he is now seen walking down the stairs holding the pipe and then putting it in his pocket.


Correction: Since we don't see his entire descent down the stairs, its possible that he took the pipe from his mouth and that's why we see him holding it at the bottom.




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As Doc is driving out of town near the end, he stops to help Mary, who is having a difficult birth inside the family station wagon. Doc backs up and parks his car, the front-end is partially across road. While he assists with the birth, a large truck is fast-approaching, only Doc's car is now sitting all the way across the road when it gets hit.



It was while working on this movie that Michael J. Fox noticed the shaking of his hands which were the symptoms of Parkinson, the disease which prevents him from taking an active role ever since. His flexing his hands on the steering wheel at the beginning of the movie is him trying to keep his hands still.