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Biker Boyz (2003)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Kid gets a gun pulled on him in the alley, the man with the gun pulls out a Glock with his right hand and his left hand is on the Kid's neck. There are a few problems here: 1. He pulls the Glock out of his pants and releases the slide. This would not happen because no one keeps this gun on their body with the action open. 2. If the audio dept. wanted to have the effect of a cocked weapon they should have made sure the film was shot with another weapon. All Glocks are "hammerless" and to be cocked must have the slide pulled back (assuming a round isn't chambered, in which case you wouldn't need to cock it at all).

Correction: You can't say that no one keeps a gun on their body with the slide open. People have done much more stupid things than that with guns. The rest of the mistake is an audio problem which is a legitimate mistake. Feel free to resubmit.

Corrected entry: Laurence Fishurne takes Jalil's keys so that he won't race. How then, does Jalil flee his house to cry on the street on his bike, let alone get his bike home in the first place?

Correction: As with most bikers, Kid probably had a spare set of keys somewhere on the bike (under the seat or something). It's also possible that Smoke gave him back his keys after they fought. I'm pretty sure Kid wouldn't be in any condition to race after being beaten up.

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Donny: Yo what are you doin?
Stuntman: Gettin' ready to race.
Donny: Without a lid? You not just drunk you crazy.
Stuntman: Just consider it a reminder, in case you glance at me.
Donny: A reminder of what?
Stuntman: That your lid's about to become mine.
Donny: Yea right.



In the scene where kid and his mom are playing a game on PS2, you can see that they are both acting like they are controlling a character in the game. The only problem with this is the game they are playing (Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James) is only a one-player game.