Biker Boyz

Continuity mistake: This is in reference to the Derik Luke when he is getting a tattoo on his chest. After Meagan Wood finishes up his tattoo, she puts a large amount of some form of petroleum jelly on it. In the next shot you see a very thin layer of the petroleum jelly which couldn't be possible due to the huge amount of the jelly she put on him the first time. She was also not even trying to smoothen it out.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Biker Boyz leave the diner, when Primo first joins them, and start doing crazy stunts down the road. Jilal and the other rider put metal plates on their feet to create the sparks when they are hanging off the bikes but when they are pulling wheelies with their feet sticking out, the plates are gone.

Continuity mistake: When Kid's mom brings over the backpack with the video games in it, he tries to give her money. She puts her hand in his and tells him to keep it. Suddenly, there is wide shot where they are standing farther apart with their hands at their sides. Then back to the close-up, which is the same as before and her hand is still in his.


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Continuity mistake: After Kid crashes towards the end in his race against Dogg, a wide shot shows that he's quite far from the bike, which is in the middle of the track resting horizontally on its kickstand, with something black against the wall behind him. In the closer shot of Lawrence Fishburne running up to him, he's just struggling to his feet, so hasn't moved, yet is much closer to the bike, which is now right up against the wall, and the black object behind him has disappeared. (01:23:00)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Biker Boyz leave the motel for the final race, when Jilal's girlfriend climbs on the back of his bike her helmet does not have a visor on it but in the next shot it does.

Continuity mistake: In the final race between Kid and Smoke, Tina goes to take a bandana out of Kid's beltloop to start the race. In the close up shot, he is holding the side of his jacket up while Tina starts to pull it out. Then it cuts to a wide shot, and as Tina is still removing the bandana, both of Kid's hands are on the handlebars.

Continuity mistake: Before Kid races on the bridge he does an intro with his crew - first he has construction boots on, then they turn into different grey boots.

Factual error: In the final race, they are able to slow down and stop two extremely powerful machines, travelling at well over 100 miles per hour, on a dirt road, in a very short distance. In reality, they would have gone through the wooden arch over the road, through the white fence, and ended up halfway up the hill in the background, amongst the horses.

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Donny: Yo what are you doin?
Stuntman: Gettin' ready to race.
Donny: Without a lid? You not just drunk you crazy.
Stuntman: Just consider it a reminder, in case you glance at me.
Donny: A reminder of what?
Stuntman: That your lid's about to become mine.
Donny: Yea right.

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