Bravo Two Zero

Corrected entry: After the team has had its first contact, Andy McNab kicks over a dead Iraqi soldier. Look at his neck just as he rolls over, and around his eye. You will see that the actor playing the dead soldier is a white man with dark makeup. (00:41:38)

Correction: The person who kicks over the dead Iraqi is actual Chris Ryan, as seen by his German field cap.

Corrected entry: Ray, Tony, and Baz weren't in the original patrol. The original patrol members were McNab, Dinger, Stan, Mark, Chris, Bob, Vince, and Legs.

Correction: "Ray", "Tony" and "Baz" are Bob, Vince and Legs, the three patrol members who got killed. They changed the names in the movie. Look at the published pictures of the three, they kept the physical appearance and you can easily compare the roles with those in the book.


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