Bravo Two Zero

Corrected entry: After the team has had its first contact, Andy McNab kicks over a dead Iraqi soldier. Look at his neck just as he rolls over, and around his eye. You will see that the actor playing the dead soldier is a white man with dark makeup. (00:41:38)

Correction: The person who kicks over the dead Iraqi is actual Chris Ryan, as seen by his German field cap.

Corrected entry: Ray, Tony, and Baz weren't in the original patrol. The original patrol members were McNab, Dinger, Stan, Mark, Chris, Bob, Vince, and Legs.

Correction: "Ray", "Tony" and "Baz" are Bob, Vince and Legs, the three patrol members who got killed. They changed the names in the movie. Look at the published pictures of the three, they kept the physical appearance and you can easily compare the roles with those in the book.


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Andy McNab: Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime. This one was mine.



Sean Bean is listening to the radio while he is in the shower - in the next scene he is exiting the bathroom with towels on so there is a time gap between the two scenes. However the monologue of the radio plays on through both scenes without any interruption. Actually, when he leaves the bathroom for the bedroom, the radio volume decreases, even though the radio is in the bedroom (he subsequently reaches over to turn it off).



"Mark" in the film is in reality Mike Coburn, who wrote his own account of Bravo Two Zero. Another writer and ex-SAS, Michael Asher (in "The real Bravo Two Zero") travelled to the area of events and found a different truth than in "McNab's" book. For example that Andy McNab is not his real name, that the cab was not a New York cab but a Toyota Crown and that there is actually no evidence that the patrol ever got into any big fire fights at all. Names and cars are minor discrepancies but the fights are way off what could be called "real events". The film is rather true to the book by "McNab" but not all true to the real events as told by other members and fact finders.