King of Kings

King of Kings (1961)


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Jesus: It is finished. Father, into your hands I commit my soul.

Herodias: I heard that name John the Baptist. I hear he speaks evil things of me wherever he goes.
Salome: His heart should be ripped from his body.
Herod Antipas: Your daughter, Herodias, grows more like her mother day by day.
Salome: Do I not please you?
Herod Antipas: My stepdaughter pleases me very much, Salome.

Jesus: My God, my God, why have you foresaken me?

Virgin Mary: I am alone now, share my table.
Mary Magdalene: I am a woman of sin.
Virgin Mary: You will share my table.
Mary Magdalene: I have done much evil.
Virgin Mary: Child, God knows evil exists as well as good. Just as there is light and darkness. Evil exists that we may be the better for it.

Barabbas: Peace? There will be no peace in Jerusalem, unless it is won by the sword.

Narrator: From the dusts at Herod's feet, rebellions of Jews rose up. And Herod, in reply, planted evil seeds from which forests of Roman crosses grew high on Jerusalem's hills.

Revealing mistake: Have a look at some of the beards (and wigs) in this movie, the facial hair is coming loose on several of the disciples' beards.

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Trivia: This film was the first since the days of the Hayes Office to show Jesus' face. Films depicting Jesus during the Hayes Office years did not show his face because of opposition by religious groups who found it inappropriate.


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Question: Why do the Roman soldiers in this film seem to rescue the Innocents from Herod's men?

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