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The Life of David Gale (2003)

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Corrected entry: When Bitsey and the intern stop at the rest stop on their way to Hunstville, the intern gets out of the car and hurries to the bathroom he enters into the women's restroom, not the men's. (00:08:40)

Correction: Have you never gone into the wrong restroom by mistake, especially when in a hurry? If it happens in real life, it's not necessarily a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: David is on death row for 6 years. He is recounting events that happened in the past. Yet his son at the end, after the execution, is the same kid that should be now an adolescent.

Correction: I have watched this movie at least 4 times now, and have never spotted a scene with his son AFTER the execution. Time code please?

I didn't see a pic of the son either. I just checked it.

Corrected entry: When David's wife is leaving in a taxi, the taxi changes color. When she's telling him that she emailed him, the taxi is red. However, when it drives away, you see that the taxi is not red at all, but grey.

Correction: The taxi is actually two-coloured. The roof and sides are red, the trunk and back are gray. So depending on the camera angle you see more red or more gray.

Corrected entry: The taped outline of the body that is seen on the floor appears to have one leg extended away from the body, at an angle, and slightly bent at the knee. However, every time that the video-taped death of Constance is played, she dies lying on her belly with her legs straight. The body outline seems to correspond more with the position that she assumes when first lying on the floor, not with the position in which she dies. This could not have been known to the crime scene investigators at the time. This occurs consistently throughout the movie.

Correction: This is not the crime scene tape. It was more than likely placed there by the inhabitants of the house who were trying to profit from the murder. They more than likely guessed how it would have looked. Not only is the tape in the wrong configuration but also the wrong location.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't someone have noticed that there wasn't any tearing of flesh between David Gale and Laura Linney's character from them having sex? Even though his attorney was in on the plot, wouldn't the judge wonder why there was semen but no tearing or any other evidence of rape?

Correction: To the court, there was other evidence of rape. They thought the bruises all over her body were from the rape.

Correction: It's not that they were "advocates of life", it's that they were against the death penalty. Suicide was never mentioned in the movie.

Corrected entry: David Gale was on death row for 9 years. After his death, they showed TV clips of the Texas Governor he was debating stating that the system works. That governor should've already served two terms.

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Correction: David Gale was on death row for 6 years. They say at the start that the average length of stay on death row is 9 years but it is stated that he was there for 6 years.

Corrected entry: When Zack and Bitsey arrive at the motel with the money in the briefcase, Zack is standing in front of his door and puts down the briefcase (you even hear the sound of the briefcase being dropped on the floor) and starts walking over to Bitsey when she calls him over because her door is open. They open her door and when the camera angle changes he has the briefcase pressed against his chest as he walks into her room. (01:09:05)


Correction: He puts down his luggage bag, not the briefcase. I had to check that one out twice myself the first time I watched it.

Factual error: The movie leaves the impression that Huntsville, Texas and Austin, Texas are just a short distance apart. In reality, they are at least three hours apart.

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Ross: As the poets have mournfully sung/ death takes the innocent young/ the screamingly funny, / the rolling in money, / and those who are very well hung.

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Trivia: Bitsey and the intern are staying at the Randolph Motel. Randolph is the last name of the writer of the movie.

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Answer: The money was from the magazine that paid Gale for his story.

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