Just Married

Deliberate mistake: When Sarah steps off the escalator and is slammed by the luggage cart, she topples to the floor. It is very obvious that it's not Brittany Murphy taking that fall.


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Deliberate mistake: After dropping Sarah off at her parents' house, Tom deliberately smashes the flower pots with his car, as he drives away. It's very apparent that it's not Ashton Kutcher driving the car in these shots.


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Deliberate mistake: When Sarah is hit in the head with the football thrown by Tom, she slams down on her backside onto the beach. It is very apparent that it isn't Brittany Murphy taking the fall.


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Deliberate mistake: When the blue car backs up and pushes Tom and Sarah's compact over the cliff, in the close-up the woman is seen, but in the next shot it is very obviously not that woman driving away.


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In the beginning of the movie, Sarah and Tom are at the airport returning from their honeymoon. While walking through the airport, Tom pushes Sarah and she gets coffee spilled on her shirt. Later, when she approaches Tom in the parking lot for a ride home, the coffee stain has suddenly disappeared from her shirt in this shot.



On the DVD, Veronica Cartwright's name or character is not listed in either the opening or closing credits.