Just Married

Just Married (2003)

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Tom Leezak and Sarah McNerney are a couple who were swept off their feet at first sight. Tom is a late night radio traffic reporter that is a big fan of sports and Sarah is a free spirited writer who's family is rich.

Tom's world is turned upside down when his football pass knocks over a young woman Sarah, who is walking her dog on the beach. It's love at first sight for Tom and Sarah, who move in together and decide to get married against the better advice of their family and friends.

In Tom, Sarah is able to create a life for herself that she desires rather than the life her parents want her to have.

Following their wedding, the happy couple set off with the highest of hopes and ideals about love and marriage, on what will be the perfect vacation in Italy. But thanks to Sarah's wealthy ex-boyfriend and a string of bad luck, the happy couple experience a honeymoon from hell that tests the limits of their young love.

Although Sarah has fallen head over heels for Tom, her family's choice is the wealthy young business man Peter Prentiss.

When Tom and Sarah begin to experience trouble on their honeymoon, Peter shows up at their hotel in Venice on a "business trip" with the hidden plan of breaking up Tom and Sarah's marriage, but for the first time in his life he runs into something he cant have, Sarah. She is married to Tom and loves him more then anything. Peter becomes more than a little obsessed with winning Sarah back.

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In the beginning of the movie, Sarah and Tom are at the airport returning from their honeymoon. While walking through the airport, Tom pushes Sarah and she gets coffee spilled on her shirt. Later, when she approaches Tom in the parking lot for a ride home, the coffee stain has suddenly disappeared from her shirt in this shot.



On the DVD, Veronica Cartwright's name or character is not listed in either the opening or closing credits.