Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey
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Sembagare: They think you are a witch.
Dian Fossey: They wouldn't be the first.

Dian Fossey: Shit, shit... I fell in shit.

Dian Fossey: It's nice to see a married man who can sew.
Bob Campbell: How did you know I was married?
Dian Fossey: The night you arrived, you shook the rain off your parka outside the door so you wouldn't get the floor wet.
Bob Campbell: Does it matter?
Dian Fossey: Apparently not.

Dian Fossey: Get off my mountain.

Factual error: In the movie Dian touches hands with the silverback Digit. In reality Digit was a young male and not a silverback. The gorilla she touched hands with was not Digit but one called Peanuts.

Asa Werner
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Trivia: Sigourney won the Golden Globe Award for best actress for this film and another Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress for "Working Girl" in the same year - the first person to have done this (won 2 awards in the same year).

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