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Revealing mistake: There is a shot right after the first time the clerics are entering the city from the nethers that you see an APC patrolling the wall road above the entrance. In that shot two shadows are being cast on the road. As the CGI APC passes through them they simply don't cast a shadow on it as they should. (00:08:40)

Revealing mistake: It's very brief, but during Father and Preston's fight scene, they mirror imaged part of the movie. It's apparent because the sword on the desk has it's handle pointed to the right and you can see the curtain in the background. In every other shot, the handle is facing to left of the room. (01:33:00)

Revealing mistake: In the final encounter Preston takes on eight Clerics with Samurai swords. Watch him stab the last one and you can see the blade go under the man's arm. The shot changes and the flaw is just as apparent when Preston takes up the sword again, the stabbed Cleric is holding the blade for him. (01:35:20)

Revealing mistake: When Preston returns to the Nethers he gets out his car and puts the dog down. When he gets back into the car the shot of him getting out is played backwards because the steam/smoke from the engine moves into the car. (00:46:40)

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the scene where Preston is taking out all the guards near then end, before he enters the room with Father,he throws the two balanced clips that stop perfectly in front of the camera and perfectly side by side. This is because each clip has a string attached to it, that is just barely visible, that stops them at the right spot. (01:33:10)

Revealing mistake: When Preston is seeing the body of Sean Bean he opens up his picture holder. When he does this, watch Sean Bean's shoulder and you'll see his muscle twitch by his neck. This happens at the end of this shot before it changes to a close up of the photos. (01:03:40)

Revealing mistake: After Preston shoots Father, there is a wide shot and we see Brandt's face on the ground. Not only is there no blood surrounding it, it completely clashes with the floor, making it painfully obvious that it's CGI. (01:37:45)


Revealing mistake: At the end when Brandt pulls out the Katana from Father's desk, the close-up shows it's clean and shiny. When he swings it it looks grey and plastic like obviously used for lightness and safety. (01:35:40)

Revealing mistake: Before Mary is incinerated, she is shown standing behind the door looking through the T shaped window. Only a portion of her face is seen with her right eye on the left side of the opening, and some hair wavy over it. The shot cuts back and forth between her and Preston a few times, then the camera zooms in on Preston's eye. Mary's reflection is in his eye, however it is not a mirror image when it should be. It should be a mirror image reflected. (01:22:20)

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Revealing mistake: During the fight where Preston deploys his lethal pistol whips on the Grammaton cops, watch closely towards the end of the sequence. There is a semi close up of one of the cops getting nailed in the face with Preston's gun. His helmet's visor shatters and you can see some red come off it, supposedly blood. But you can see there is a second layer of protective visor sunk back in the helmet to protect the actor's face from shattering glass/plastic. (00:59:00)

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Revealing mistake: Preston pulls his bathroom mirror out of the wall so he can hide his Prozium behind it. The shots taken from inside the hole in the wall have some sort of blue glow at the very bottom. You can tell this is some sort of light, probably on the camera itself, as when the mirror is put back on the wall, it should be pitch black inside the hole as it blocks out all light. But the blue glow remains. (00:53:35)

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Revealing mistake: When Preston attacks the guards with the studs on his gun, there is a slow zoom out of one of the guard's visors. On the right, you can see the reflection of Christian Bale's stunt double. (00:58:50)

Continuity mistake: With the dog in the trunk, Christian Bale reaches with his left hand to pet the dog, then cuts to the close-up of his right hand petting the dog, and then cuts back to his left hand doing the petting. (00:49:30)

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Mary: Let me ask you something. Why are you alive?
John Preston: I'm alive... I live... To safeguard the continuity of this great society. To serve Libria.
Mary: It's circular. You exist to continue your existence. What's the point?
John Preston: What's the point of your existence?
Mary: To feel. 'Cause you've never done it, you can never know it. But it's as vital as breath. And without it, without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... Ticking.

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Trivia: The word 'tetragrammatron' has some very interesting origins which render the film either profound or pretentious, depending on your point of view. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A3477909 for a full explanation.

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Question: The speeches that "Father" gives are emotional, in that they are intended to instill emotion in the listener. I understand that Father and presumably quite a few others of the head council are not taking the Prozium, but is there a reason they are still giving these rousing speeches to the masses that are supposedly devoid of emotion? Am I just missing some of the story?

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Chosen answer: As I see it, the point of the speeches is not to evoke emotions in the listeners, but rather to show what emotions such as anger and jealousy lead to in the course of human history. So they use historic "evidence" to justify their actions (such as killing sense offenders) and to show what emotions can lead to.

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