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Corrected entry: When Quinn has just killed Sgt. Tate there are several close-up shots of Friedrich tied to a pole. He appears to have his head up and watching what's going on. When we see Quinn and Shakespeare arguing, he's in the background with his head to one side and looks completely lifeless.

Correction: He's a supernatural being. He's neither dead nor alive, just pretending to be at various times.


Corrected entry: The rifles the soldiers carry towards the end of the film are not really the Lee Enfield rifles that the British army carried. The rifles they carry have long muzzles, instead of the stubby one on the Enfield.

Correction: The rifles seen at the end of the film are German Mausers, not Lee-Enfields. The soldiers presumably found them in the trench.


Corrected entry: The soldiers were from the 7th division, so how come they all had IXI on their shoulders, which isn't even a proper roman numeral?

Correction: Still a mistake, but for the wrong reason - the badge is in fact for the 9th Lancers (IXL), not a complete Roman numeral, but they have all been put on the tunics upside-down.

Factual error: The rifles the British soldiers carried in the film were Lee Enfield rifle No.4's, these did not go into production until WW2. They should have been using an earlier version of the Lee Enfield rifle.

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Sgt. David Tate: Don't call me 'sir', all right? I'm a sergeant, I work for a living.

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