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Corrected entry: "Bully" is set in 1995, but Alli's mustang is a 2000 model.

Correction: The crime that inspired Bully happened in 1995. The movie is set in 2001.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ali, the hitman and Marty return to the murder scene, they all get out of the car and you can see headlights from another car through the back window of her car. They were supposed to be alone. The other kids stayed at the beach.

Correction: The two lights you see are small utility lights on each end of the rear view mirror that are out of focus. A simple Ebay search on mustang rear view mirrors proves this

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: When Bobby is naked and he's spitting on the mirror, the arm of a cameraman wearing a green shirt appears in the left edge of the mirror.

Correction: Watched several times. There is no cameraman visible. You may be referring to the bathrobe hanging on the door or the outer rim of the mirror which is a secondary image showing Bobby.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: In the scene after Ali gets raped by Bobbie, she goes out and tells Lisa. If you listen, Lisa calls Ali 'Heather,' who is a character that doesn't show up until later.

Correction: She really says "Ali", although it has the sound of an "H" in it, it's more like "H(Ali)" than "Heather".


Corrected entry: This film is supposed to take place in 1993, yet Marty is watching TV at one point in the movie, and he's watching a music video with Eminem.

Correction: Although the event happen in 1993, director Larry Clark said he placed the movie as if it happened in 2001. So that is why they are watching Eminem on video and has his poster on the wall.


Corrected entry: In the scene right before they kill Bobby when they are in Lisa's room, there is a poster of Eminem in the background. If these events took place in 1993 How could this be? Eminem didn't make it big until about 1997. And being in Florida even if he was still underground they would not know, because Eminem is from Detriot.

Correction: The events that were the inspiration for Bully did take place in 1993. The director set the entire movie in present time. Ali's 5.0 is a modern model and the kids dress like teens today would. This is not a mistake - it is simply artistic license.


Visible crew/equipment: When cousin Derrick and Lisa's mom are sitting on the couch talking, you can see the boom mike reflection swaying back and forth in the window behind the two people.

William Bergquist
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Lisa Connelly: The hitman needs a ride.

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