8 Mile

8 Mile (2002)

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Eminem plays Rabbit, in 1995 Detroit, on 8 Mile. He's stuck in a dead-end car factory work, and his realtionship falling apart. His only escape route is rapping tournaments in the local club, which proves hard for him, as he is white. Determined to pass all barriers, and make it as a rap star,Rabbit struggles to get out of his rut, and by doing so, he learns a lot about himself, and his home of 8 Mile.

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Jimmy Smith Jr: You ever wondered at what point you gotta just say "f**k it, man." You ever wondered at what point you gotta stop livin' up here, and start livin' down here?



When Rabbit and his mom's boyfriend were kicking each other's ass inside the Smith's trailer, Rabbit pushes or punches the boyfriend from the kitchen to the living room, breaking a small wooden post in a quick shot. A few shots later, when Rabbit returns to the trailer, the wooden post is intact. There was no time to fix it.



8 Mile was the first film for which a rap/hip-hop song (Lose Yourself) won an Academy Award (Best Original Song).