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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jimmy is having sex with Alex a member of the crew passes running very very fast just a few meters behind them. It must be a crew member, because no-one was supposed to be in that part of the factory. Slow the DVD way, way down and you can see that Jimmy's hand moves down first, and is completely out of the way when the red-dressed figure whizzes by. It's moving a lot faster than his hands are.

Correction: That red dressed infadell is actually Alex's arm moving upwards. When I first viewed it I too thought it was a person...


Corrected entry: After Jimmy drops Cheddar off at the hospital after he shoots himself, Jimmy says that he hit an artery but he'll be all right. The artery would have been his femoral artery, and he would have bled to death in less than a minute.

Correction: There are several arteries in the thigh which branch off the femoral artery. Cheddar could have easily hit one of those and not bled to death. It still would cause significant blood loss and require hospitalization but would not be nearly as deadly as striking the femoral artery itself.


Corrected entry: When Jimmy jumps off the roof of the burning house onto the car below, if you slow it down when he jumps, you can see very clearly that it is not Eminem.

Correction: The website rules state that if you must use slow motion, it is not valid.


Corrected entry: If you look very closely at the crowd sequence at the end of the film when Rabbit has just beaten Likety split, you can just notice Dr. Dre standing about mid-screen wearing his trademark leather jacket.

Correction: i have watched this scene very meticulously but have not yet seen Dre, can you please tell me where he is after the battle between Rabbit and Lickety. i have though, at least i think i have, seen Dre after the battle between Rabbit and Papa Doc, i think i saw him in the few frames that are after he has just won the battle and 313rd are on stage celebrating, you see DJ Iz on one side (facing the crowd holding a coat) and then it goes to a shot showing a white guy with his middle fingers in the air, and when he moves aside, i think it is Dre that is just to the right of him, his face seen between another guys arms which are in the air


Corrected entry: When Jimmy is in the bathroom about to battle Lickety Split in the first round at the Shelter, he is shown with a faintly blackened right eye. After Cheddar Bob briefly comes in to call him to the stage & then shuts the door behind him, the black eye has made an obvious switch to his left eye & appears far more severely bruised. He exits the bathroom & as he walks down the hall the black eye is back on the right but now as severely bruised as it appeared on the left, remaining here for the duration of the film. (01:28:00)

Correction: He is actually looking in a mirror. So, as you know, the reflection had the bruise on the right eye.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Rabbit and his friends torch the abandoned house, they sing the verse from "Sway" by Coal Chamber that goes, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the..." 8 Mile took place in 1995, "Sway" was published in 1997.

Correction: This verse is actually a part of a much older song that Coal Chamber adapted and used in their track 'Sway'.


Corrected entry: It doesn't take 2 guys pushing buttons to make the press operate. OSHA establishes that a light beam be placed so that if anyone/thing tries to enter an unshielded area on a press it breaks the light beam and the press stops immediately, like an automatic E-stop. The press would never operate while someone is in the die pulling the part out so there would be no need for dual controls.


Correction: You're not obligated to use a light curtain though. If the company didn't want to spend the money to install light curtains on old presses, then they do need the system with 2 buttons for each operator to cycle the press. (or a gate with a door switch on it). If you look at the scene, there isn't a light curtain or gate installed on the press, so both operators have to go to their pedestals out of reach of the pinch points and press all 4 buttons for the press to cycle.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene, there is a zoom in of Rabbit's shoes, showing them dirty and worn out. In the next scene when Rabbit's on the bus home, his shoes are new.

Correction: If you watch the movie, you can see he gets his clothes from the dumpster, so if there is a gap between these shots he could have also found other shoes.


Corrected entry: When Eminem is in the lunch line battling with Xzibit if you look carefully you can see a crew member running behind the crowd just after Eminem claims that Xzibit has HIV. (00:53:05)

Correction: While it quite possibly is a crew member, there is no proof that he isn't just an extra within the film itself. The man isn't wearing or doing anything to signify him as a crew member. He could just be a spectator, moving around the crowd to get somewhere else, which is a likely possibility.


Corrected entry: Just before he enters the club for the final rounds of battles, Rabbit's bruise below his eye is nearly gone, but it is back very much in evidence by the time he takes to the stage.

Correction: It only seems like it's almost gone because of the poor lighting outside the Shelter.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are riding around shooting paintballs they shoot a bunch of paintballs and there is no hopper on the paintball gun. At most they would only be able to shoot 2 without a hopper.

Correction: They don't show them on screen at all times. There was sufficient time in between shots for someone to reload the gun.


Corrected entry: In the final battle with Rabbit and Pappa Doc, Rabbit is holding a shirt in his left hand, seconds later when Future hands him the mic Rabbit isn't holding his shirt anymore and it's no where to be found on the floor. (01:39:32)

Correction: He handed it to Cheddar Bob, he's seen holding it after coming on stage to celebrate


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jimmy is carrying Lily back to the trailer and the black SUV pulls up, Jimmy tells Lily to go inside and lock the door. Later, when Jimmy's Mom comes home and Jimmy is sitting on the porch, Jimmy's Mom seems to have no trouble entering the house and no key is visible. Plus, if she had been gone before Lily had gone inside, wouldn't she have locked the door when she left?

Correction: Who said that Lily did lock the door? Or if she did, I'm sure she unlocked it after the fight so Jimmy could get back in and later he chose to sit outside, then his mom came home. The door's not unlocked before because Jimmy goes to pick up Lily at another home a few feet away. No reason to lock up.


Corrected entry: When Eminem is doing one of his rap battles, there is a shot of Mekhai Phifer who can be seen mouthing Eminem's words. Aren't rap battles supposed to be freestyle?

Correction: The only time where Future's lips can be seen moving during a battle is the final battle v.s. Papa Doc, and it occurs right after Rabbit says "My Boy Future Is an Uncle Tom" in which Future looks up and mouths "What's He Talkin About?" to himself, in response to what Rabbit just said. In that entire verse, Rabbit says nothing along the lines of what Future mouthed.


Corrected entry: When Jimmy is rapping outside the factory, there is a crew member holding a boom mic reflected in the window behind him

Correction: That is not a boom mic, it is a hole in the glass window.


Corrected entry: Obie Trice has a small cameo in the parking lot scene. But what few people notice is that he appears for another brief moment in a music video playing in the background during the scene where Jimmy visits Cheddar Bob after the accident with the gun.

Correction: That isn't Obie Trice, the video that Cheddar is watching is by the Wu-tang Clan, and Obie Trice is not a member of that crew.

What song's video is it BTW?

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Continuity mistake: When Rabbit goes to his mom's trailer for the first time, he is wearing street shoes, but when he takes Lily in the trailer he is wearing boots. (00:10:14)

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Jimmy Smith Jr: You ever wondered at what point you gotta just say "f**k it, man." You ever wondered at what point you gotta stop livin' up here, and start livin' down here?

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Trivia: The sheet of paper that Jimmy writes on on the bus is the real sheet that Eminem wrote "Lose Yourself" on. The sheet of paper sold for $10,000 on an eBay auction.

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Question: Not directly related to the film, but to Eminem's song "Sing for the Moment". At one point he says "you're full of sh*t too Guererra, that was a fist that hit you". Who is Guererra?

Answer: In June 2000, Eminem got in trouble for having a gun at a nightclub. John Guererra was a bouncer at the club that Eminem thought kissed his (then) wife. Guererra alledged that Eminem pistol-whipped him, but Eminem continues to deny the charges.

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