Bad Day at Black Rock

Continuity mistake: During the desert chase sequence, when our hero is run off the road by Ernest B. his missing arm is momentarily transposed when he steps from the jeep.

Continuity mistake: McReady drives back from the farm and gets rammed/chased by E. Borgnine. During the chase, Borgnine's car loses a headlight, which reappears at the end of the chase and again when he's parked back in the town.

Phillip Churchfield

Continuity mistake: In the fight inside the cafe, the wall moves every time E. Borgnine hits it.

Phillip Churchfield

Continuity mistake: When Spencer Tracy comes back from the desert. his blue suit is very dusty.Shortly after that, in a closeup, only a trace of dust remains - the suit coat is quite clean.

R W Hlavac

Continuity mistake: The white handkerchief in the breast pocket of McCready's dark suit, which he wears throughout the film, changes position in just about every indoor/studio shot when it cuts to an outside shot. At one point it disappears altogether.

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