Muriel's Wedding

Muriel's Wedding (1994)

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Corrected entry: Muriel's mum is arrested in the supermarket for forgetting to pay for the flip-flops she put on, as the shoes she had been wearing where cutting into her feet and obviously causing a lot of pain. However in the next scene when she arrives home with her husband, she has the painful shoes on whilst walking around the house. Surely if they'd been so painful she'd have taken them off at the door of the house?

Correction: The trauma of getting arrested, being ignored by her family, and her husband asking her for a divorce put a lot on Betty's mind. With everything going on, she had more important things to think about other than her feet.

Corrected entry: When Muriel comes back from her date with Bryce, Muriel reaches up to get a packet of biscuits, first she reaches up the top of the shelf to get them but they are on the bottom shelf.

Correction: Muriel simply thought they were on the top shelf - character mistake.

Corrected entry: The film was shot in 1993, but you can see a taxicab with an advert for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.


Correction: There were ads for the Olympics years in advance, right from the bid (which was in 1993, from memory). So this is nothing really out of the ordinary.




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The evening after Rhonda reveals to Tania that Nicole was having the affair with her husband, Muriel and Rhonda are playing Abba in a talent contest. Tanya and Nicole start fighting during the song, but when you cut back to Muriel and Rhonda, you can clearly see the girls still sitting there just watching.



Gabby Millgate, who plays Muriel's sister, also took part in an Australian version of 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Until she was voted off, she took on the personas of different characters and occasionally resurrected this character, telling the viewers to vote off the other housemates because 'they're terrible'.