Project A

Trivia: The original title for the film roughly translated to "Pirate Patrol." The title was changed during production, however, as Jackie Chan and the producers feared that other Hong Kong studios would rush to copy the film by making similar pirate-themed adventures. Chan later chose the much more vague title of "Project A," since it gave nothing away about the plot.


Trivia: It took Jackie Chan a full week to build up the courage to do the clocktower stunt in which he falls from the top of the clocktower to the ground. The scene was filmed in three takes. The first time it was filmed, Chan couldn't bring himself to let go, and he had to hold onto the clock until his arms simply gave out. And to top it off, Chan almost died during the course of filming the scene. To this day almost forty years later, it's still considered one of his most dangerous and harrowing stunts.


Trivia: The first Jackie Chan film to include outtakes during the credits. Unfortunately, the outtakes were edited out of most western releases.


Other mistake: During the scene in which Jackie and his girlfriend are being chased on bikes they hide in a shop. When the men chasing them stop outside of the shop, the subtitles read 'This is a dead end, we'll spilt up'. Spilt up?

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Captain Chi: Who is laughing like that?
Jaws: Me, sir.
Captain Chi: Do you know what you're going to do?
Jaws: To laugh one thousand times?
Captain Chi: Police, shoot him dead.

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