Tuck Everlasting

Revealing mistake: Winnie gets angry at her parents and runs out of the house. As her father stands up and she runs past the camera it wobbles, shaking the screen a bit.

Revealing mistake: When Winnie and Tuck are out in the canoe, and are being spied on, look at the shot that shows the profile of the guy's eye looking through the binoculars. His mascara is clumping.

Revealing mistake: In quite a few scenes in the movie, Winnie appears to be mouthing the lines of others.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Tucks are having dinner with Winnie, after she was brought to their house, there is a shot of her as she says,"My father has plenty of money." On the far right of the screen you see Angus Tuck lick his fingers and make a downward motion with his hand. Then there is a shot of Angus and he says,"Your father will cut down the entire forest..." and you see him making the same motion of licking his fingers and so on again.

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Jesse Tuck: Winnie Foster...I will love you till the day I die!

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Question: Why was the man in the yellow suit wearing a band-aid on his pointer finger when he was talking to the young priest?

Answer: I looked over and over, he is not wearing a band-aid. My guess is, since he has bumpy fingers and it was dark, you just thought you saw a band-aid.

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