Tuck Everlasting

Corrected entry: At Winnie's grandmother's funeral, at the end of the scene, there is a closeup on the grandmother's gravestone which shows her date of death as 1892. Then, at the end of the movie when Jessie is looking at Winnie's gravestone, Winnie's date of birth is shown as 1899. Were this correct it would mean that Winnie had not yet been born when her grandmother died.

Correction: The gravestone you see in a closeup isn't the one of Winnie's grandmother. The grave of Winnie's grandmother is behind the gravestone you noted. Winnie, her parents, et al. are standing around it, but you can't actually see her gravestone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Winnie and Jessie are swimming, Winnie jumps in, and after claiming 'I can't swim', she is seen wiping water away from her eyes with both hands. She should have sunk with no arms supporting her.

Correction: In the moment Winnie wipes water away from her eyes with both hands, Jesse already had his hands around her waist.

Corrected entry: In the last scene we can see that Winnie got married to a man with the (last) name Jackson. This is the same last name as the actor who portrays Jessie - Jonathan Jackson. (01:30:15)

Correction: This was a nice coincidence, but her husband's last name in the book was also Jackson.

Corrected entry: After the man in the yellow suit is whacked in the back of the head and killed, he remains lying on the floor. In one of the shots from the side, he blinks his eyes.

Correction: He is not immediately killed, he just got concussed. Later, he dies.

Corrected entry: If Jesse has been alive for about 100 years, then wouldn't he surely be more mature than a teenage boy going after a young teenage girl. I mean, from any standpoint, Jesse would be considered a dirty old man because he wants this young innocent teen girl when he is actually much older in his mind. I only say this because if you remember Interview with the Vampire, the young girl who was bitten matured and became angry later because she couldn't age.

Correction: The whole point of the magical spring is that it stops people growing. Although Jesse has been alive for 104 years, this doesn't mean he will have changed and grown like normal people. Tuck himself says "We're like rocks...we just ARE." They are frozen at the age at which they drank the water, so it is perfectly reasonable for Jesse to be attracted to Winnie.

Corrected entry: If the jail guard fired 4 shots at the boys at night, why didn't anyone hear them or any lights turn on?

Correction: Because there was a fierce storm raging, and the shots could very easily have been mistaken for thunder.

Corrected entry: When Winnie and Jesse are swimming in the pond, Winnie states that she cannot swim. In numerous shots during that scene, Jesse is standing instead of floating. If this is the case, then why does Winnie have to be held by Jesse in order to be in the water?

Correction: Jesse is taller than Winnie, meaning that it could be possible for him to stand, but too deep for her. Another explanation is that the bottom of the pool is very rocky, and there is only enough room on the rock Jesse is on for him to stand on it.

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