Corrected entry: When Cleopatra makes her first appearance in Rome, in the long procession, she is immediately preceded by a dancer who, as she spins around, has a very visible tan line from a bikini top strap going across her back.

Correction: Believe it or not, Roman athletes and dancers wore bikini tops. Roman murals and paintings depict them as being quite modern in appearance.

Factual error: The Forum shown in that film is smaller than in real life. Also, Cleopatra is shown passing through the Arc of Contantine, a monument that was built centuries after her death.

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Marc Antony: Your tongue is old, but sharp, Cicero. Be careful how you waggle it. One day it will cut off your head.

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Trivia: The film was to have run six hours with two intermissions, but it was cut down to four with one.

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