Sweet Home Alabama

Corrected entry: When Melanie's father comes home after the Civil War re-enactment, he has Andrew with him and says "Look who I found walking down I-58." There is no I-58 in southern Alabama. The only interstates that are close to the beach are I-10 east-west and I-65 north-south. (01:15:35)

Correction: Melanie's father says "Look who I found walking down 958.", at least the subtitles say so. But don't ask me if there is a 958 in southern Alabama.


Corrected entry: When Melanie first goes to Jake's house the dog is barking while they're talking. They say shut up Aaron but at the end of the movie when they are at the reception the dog starts barking and they say shut up Brian instead of Aaron.

Correction: First of all, the dog's name is Bryant. Secondly, the reason it sounds like Aaron the first time they tell the dog to shut up is because Melanie is saying "Bear" while Jake is saying "Bryant".

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Corrected entry: Melanie's clothes get increasingly "countrified" the more time she spends in Alabama, but where did these frilly flowered blouses and cowboy boots come from? It seems unlikely that she would buy them (if she had we should have been allowed to witness it, as it would have been a major plot point,) and even more unlikely that she would have brought them with her.


Correction: Melanie (Reese) returns home to Alabama, and goes to her parent's house. It shows when she is cleaning her room before Candice Bergen arrives to visit her parents, that some of her personal stuff is still in her old room, ie: trophies and crowns and such, she obviously left behind a lot of clothes as well.


Revealing mistake: When Jake is driving Andrew to Melanie at the battlesite, Jake is driving with the truck in the park position. (01:11:00)

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Jake: The only reason I ain't signing is cause you've turned into some hoity-toity Yankee bitch, and I'd like nothing better right now than to piss you off.

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Trivia: During the film's original outdoor reception Jake carries Melanie, who feigns death after having supposedly been struck by a lightening bolt, towards the wedding guests. Jake announces, "Melanie Carmichael is dead" but then a few seconds later he says, "Long live Felony Melanie." Jake and Melanie do this as a practical joke. The reaction of Melanie's mother at the supposed death of her daughter apparently upset the test audiences so much, that the production crew reshot the whole reception scene, minus the practical joke.

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Question: How old was Melanie when she married Jake?

Answer: We can assume 17 or 18. Jake tells Andrew that she 'got pregnant and married some loser right out of high school'.

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