Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Melanie is on the beach with Jake and she goes to kiss him she has her hands on his face, but in the next shot her arms are stretched out and she wraps them around his neck.


Continuity mistake: When Reese Witherspoon is walking down the main street after the street party almost all the lights have been put out, yet the next shot as she is walking into the cemetery you can see the street behind her and it is lit up again.


Continuity mistake: When Jake and Melanie kiss on the beach at the end of the movie, she leans in to kiss him with her head tilted to the right. It then cuts to a different angle and she is tilting her head to the left. In the third and final shot, her head is tilted to the right again as they kiss.


Continuity mistake: When Melanie and Jake are sitting at the dog cemetery, Melanie begins to cry. In one shot you can see tears running down her cheeks, in the next shot her face is dry.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Melanie's models are walking down the runway, the first model is wearing a dark blue suited dress with white -slightly large- buttons. The shot then goes backstage, and as the second model goes, the first model is behind her, waiting to go.


Continuity mistake: When Melanie's parents are arguing about the volume on the television while on the phone, Pearl says, "They could have heard it all the way at Joe and Lurlynn's house" but Lurlynn is married to Clinton, not Joe.

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Continuity mistake: In different scenes throughout the movie, the eyeshadow on Melanie's left eye keeps on disappearing, then reappearing.

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Melanie Carmichael: You're the first boy I ever kissed, Jake, and I want you to be the last.



When Jake is driving Andrew to Melanie at the battlesite, Jake is driving with the truck in the park position.



Erin Vanderbilt, the woman that Andrew is shown marrying at the end originally had a bigger part, but test audiences misunderstood her relationship with Andrew before breaking up with Melanie, so all of Erin's scenes were cut except for that small bit over the credits.