Lost and Delirious

Continuity mistake: In the classroom scene as Paulie defends Tori, who has been called up in front of the class to complete a math problem on the board, Paulie begins to write out the equation on the right side of the board in one shot. In the next shot, her calculations are completely different and figured on the left side instead.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Paulie wants Mouse (Mary) to cut Paulie's hair because she's "going to war," the angle of the shots differ as Paulie sits down and demands, "Just do it. Cut my hair." On pronouncing the word "hair," the shot changes from Paulie's face being very animated to suddenly very still, and her face turned away and looking down, almost like she never had time to finish her sentence. The audio got overlapped between shots, so it appears as if the last word viewers saw her lips form was "my."

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Continuity mistake: When Ms. Vaughn speaks about love in the classroom, she writes the word 'love' on the blackboard and underlines this word. Then, in the next shot the word 'love' is written differently.




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