Volunteers (1985)

1 corrected entry

Directed by: Nicholas Meyer

Starring: John Candy, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks

Genres: Comedy

Corrected entry: When Tom Hanks is rescuing Rita Wilson from the bad guys, she is in a pink dress and pink high heeled shoes. When he picks her up and puts her over his shoulder, she is barefoot. Camera cuts to a new angle and her shoes are back on. Camera cuts again and her shoes are missing. Shoes keep appearing and disappearing until they exit the scene.


Correction: Rita Wilson just has one high heel on her right foot when rescued. Before she's picked up, we see Tim Thomerson come in and her left foot is bare. When Tom Hanks picks her up, her left foot is still bare and her right foot still had the shoe on, and it's this way the whole time she's being carried.




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