The Jerk

Visible crew/equipment: Carnival biker chick goes through a flaming hoop and falls down after going though it. Just before she goes, you can see a rope tied to her to pull her off the bike after she passes through the flames. (00:33:30)

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: Mike boom shadow can be seen on the lower left portion of the screen when Steve Martin is talking to his "father" outside the barn. (00:08:50)

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: In the gas station scene, when Navin returns with the tires for the Latinos, a crew member becomes visible in the office window where he just came from. The crew member jumps into view and seemingly realizes it and hides.


Revealing mistake: When Bernadette Peters throws a knife at Steve Martin, it never leaves her hand. (01:18:05)

Larry Koehn
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Taj Jonson: Hey! Any of you bums heard of Navin R. Johnson?
Navin R. Johnson: I've heard of him.
Taj Jonson: Born in Mississippi? Inventor of the Opti-grab?
Navin R. Johnson: I was just telling these guys.
Mother: Navin.
Navin R. Johnson: Mommy, Daddy! How did you find me?
Father: We don't know. This is the first place we looked.

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Trivia: The Cat Juggler, in the film, was Steve Martin. (01:12:40 - 01:13:30)

Larry Koehn
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