The Cider House Rules

Corrected entry: In the book Homer ends up living with Candy and Wally at their home for years. Candy and Homer have a baby together and it grows up thinking that Wally is its father. Homer is over 40 years old before he returns to the Orphanage to take the place of Dr. Larch.


Correction: This is incorrect. In the book, Candy and Homer's son (Angel) grows up believing he is an adopted orphan from St. Cloud's, not that Wally is his father.

Corrected entry: Homer is told to burn the "Cider House Rules" in the stove. When he picks up the handle to open the door of the stove it is made of iron. Homer should have been burned by the handle.

Correction: It is likely that Homer used a removeable handle to lift up the stove top - these handles are made to fit into a groove for just this purpose - to avoid burning one's hand.

Corrected entry: This one looks long but bear with me. During the reading of the letters from Homer and the Doctor, there is a scene when Homer is rehanging the cider house rules back on the nail (they're cleaning the apple house). You can read the first few rules, and you see that the second rule is "don't go up on the roof to eat your lunch". Later on when he reads the rules out loud, you hear him say that the second rule is "don't operate the grinder or press if you've been drinking". He reads them out of order. (01:20:58)

Correction: This is a character mistake - not a movie mistake.

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: They watch a scene from King Kong, with Kong peeling off Fay Wray's clothes. However, this scene was removed by censors and wasn't restored until 1971.

Correction: The scenes weren't removed until the 1938 re-release and since the film is set in the early 40's and they've been watching it every movie night for years, you can assume that they have a copy of the original 1933 pre-Hayes-code version with the 4 scenes that were removed in 1938.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the kids are watching "King Kong" at the orphanage, the boy sitting next to Fuzzy tells him "He doesn't think she's his mother". While he is saying this the girl sitting directly behind and to the right of Fuzzy is mouthing the line. (00:16:26)

Correction: They watch the same film every week. Presumably the boy says the same thing every week, also.

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