Forbidden Planet

Revealing mistake: Halfway through the movie, Alta is swimming in the pond, supposedly nude. However, when she climbs out, she can be seen wearing a flesh-covered swimsuit.



Revealing mistake: During the final scenes of the movie, Robbie the Robot is sitting at the navigator position. You can see his legs are a painted matte board and not his true legs.


Revealing mistake: When Robby brings Doc Ostro in the Residence front room to lay him on the couch, you can see a number of the very thin black cables supporting the live actor playing Doc Ostro. Later, when Robby carries the 'body' out, it's quite obviously a mannequin due to the unnatural angle of the head. A dead person's head would sag against the robot's arm - this one is sticking straight out. The Robby suit was not only quite expensive for its day, but very noisy; requiring external power. As Robby is taking Doc Ostro's body out to the vehicle, Adams attempts to figure out the ID mystery. As he confronts Morbius, Robby walks back into the residence. If you look at his right leg, you can see the power cable trailing right behind.

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