Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

The Rangers try to stop Ivan Ooze from being released, unfortuently Zedd & Rita release Ooze, then Ooze sends his Oozelings (similar to Putty's & Z Putty's but made from Ooze's ooze) to fight the Rangers while he trashes the Command Centre, Rangers walk/run back to Command Centre to find Zordon is dying outside of his time warp (the tube) and the Rangers must goto the distant planet of Pheados to find 'The Great Power' (MMPR Season 3 Ninja powers) and help Zordon. Meenwhile, Ooze has all the parents of Angel Grove under a spell (thanks to 'Ivans Ooze') and has them unearth the Ectomorphicons (giant doom-bringing robots powered with Ooze's ooze and lightning), the Rangers fight some rock creatures guarding 'The Great Power', defeat them and get new powers and Zords. (note: the outfit they get is the same as earlier in the movie, but with different animal symbols on the chests) Rangers teleport back to Angel Grove (really 'downtown' Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), call upon their new Zords (Ape, Wolf, Frog, Bear, Crane, Falcon) and frag (kill) the Scorpion Ectomorphicon, Ooze merges with the Hornet Ectomorphicon, Rangers combine their Zords into the Ninja MegaZord, Tommy (FalconZord) acts as a link for the destroyed monorail track (thanks to Ooze), Rangers get thrown through a bank, Tommy (FalconZord) docks with the Ninja MegaZord to create the Ninja FalconMegaZord, they lead Ooze into space, Aisha (Yellow Ranger) presses a button which performs an emergency 'knee-to-groin' manouver which makes Ooze let go and be destroyed by Ryan's Comet which destroy's his spell, then it finishes with Bulk & Skull claiming to have 'saved the day', and Fred (little kid from the start) comes up with his two (imagenary) Ranger forms, "Fred Kelman, The Silver Ranger" (Silver Ranger = Power Rangers in Space) & "Fred Kelmen, The Gold Ranger" (Gold Ranger = Power Rangers Zeo).

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Ivan Ooze: Do you know what it's like to be trapped in an egg for 6,000 years? Bloody boring.



During the battle against the dinosaur skeleton, you can see a SFX guy in one shot as the creature whips its head around. He is on the left edge of the screen, standing partially in the frame and visible for nearly a full second.



When he was cast as Ivan Ooze, Paul Freeman admitted he had never heard of the Power Rangers before.