The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

Continuity mistake: The swords of the animated statue of Kali are different from the swords used in the close-up fight scenes.

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Revealing mistake: When Sinbad and his men are fighting the pagans' "god of the single eye" centaur, Margiana the slave girl is shown screaming briefly. If you look closely, you can tell it isn't Caroline Munro, but a close look-alike.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie you see a side shot of the bow of Sinbad's ship and the figurehead has returned.


Revealing mistake: When the golden-helmetted Grand Vizier (played by Douglas Wilmer) enters the grotto, to show Sinbad the drawing of the sea chart on the wall, he lights two braziers. As he touches the second one with his burning torch, you can hear a distinct "plop" as the gas ignites.

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Continuity mistake: The reflection of Mariana in the enchanted pool takes a few moments to step up besides Sinbad after Mariana actually steps up next to him.

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