Strangers on a Train

Factual error: When Bruno is on his way to Union Station, he's heading on a bridge away from the Lincoln Memorial, which means he's leaving Washington D.C. for Arlington, Virginia, or in other words, he's going the wrong way.

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Factual error: In the opening scene, two taxis pull up at Washington Union Station with the Capitol visible in the background. The Capitol is not visible from this point.

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Factual error: At one point in the tennis match, Guy hits a ball that bounces twice before his opponent can get to it, but it is not called.


Factual error: Several seconds into the opening of the second scene, the train pulls out of Union Station headed for NYC. A date palm or other palm tree is visible growing on the left side of the train tracks. Palm trees don't grow in Washington DC, but they do in LA where I suspect this footage was filmed.

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