Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Corrected entry: When Debra is being chased by Michael Myers, she runs through the kitchen and out into the backyard. She then pulls a sheet aside that's on the clothesline and is horrified to see a fence behind it. Since it is her house, how come she didn't know this?

Correction: In her considerable panic and terror, she could very well have forgotten it was there.

Corrected entry: Tommy plays back the recording of Jamie's call from the bus depot and hears announcements being made in the background - that is how he knows she's at the depot. Who was making the announcements? The employee was gone when she arrived and if he had returned Jamie would have asked him for help.

Correction: Its an automation. Most train stations have them, and if you listen to the announcement you can tell its being played back.


Corrected entry: When the lady is hiding in a stall from Michael, she has the baby in her hands, even when he begins to open the stalls. Yet, she somehow managed to hide the baby in the closet across the room and get out the window unnoticed.

Correction: Jamie put her baby in the closet before going into the stall to hide from Michael. When we see her with "the baby" while Michael is opening up the stalls, the shape of the bundle seems too skinny to be a baby. If you recall, after Myers kills Jamie, he goes to her truck and finds that the bundle only has paper towels in it.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Michael impales the nurse onto the wall as Jamie escapes. The next time we see Michael, as he walks out of the underground area, he is clearly holding a knife. Then, the next time we see him he snaps the guy's neck. Where did the knife go?

Correction: Just because Michael chooses to use his hands and not the knife on his next victim, it does not make it a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: Why does Michael decide to kill Barry in the first place? Was he listening to the radio and offended by the comments that he made at the beginning of the film? (Though there is an explanation on the DVD's 'Producer's Cut', it remains a mistake.)

Correction: Barry accidentally gets into the Smith's Grove van, thinking it was his. That's why Michael killed him.


Correction: How is this a mistake? Michael kills everyone he comes across.

Corrected entry: After Tommy finds the baby in the bus station, he goes to the hospital and meets Dr. Loomis there. But why is Loomis there? In the producer's cut, he was there to look after Jamie Lloyd, but that sequence was cut from the final film, so Loomis has no reason for being there.

Correction: In this film, Loomis is at the crime scene of Jamie and knows Michael killed her. So why wouldn't he be at the hospital autopsy? And the doctor informed Loomis that she just had a baby.

Corrected entry: How does Michael get from his house (where he has just killed Danny's grandfather) to the campus, where he kills Barry, in only a few moments? (Though there is an explanation on the DVD's 'Producer's Cut', it remains a mistake.)

Correction: When John is being interview by Barry in the park, Beth tells Barry that John lives in the Myers House now. Barry asks how far away the house is from the park to which John says "about half a mile" (give or take, more or less). So even if Michael leaves the house right after he murders Johns father, he still has enough time to drive or walk fast in the Micheal Myers speedwalking that he always does, to the park, make it to Barry's van and kill Barry. Also, earlier in the film when Tommy who lives directly across the street, leaves his house to head to the same park he makes it there in a matter of moments too.(Assuming he walked because Loomis drives him back to his house after Barry's death.).

Corrected entry: At one point in the film, Tommy takes Jamie's baby to the hospital. At the front desk, he screams that the nurse should get him a doctor. The nurse calls security. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but escorting a man out by armed guards isn't normal procedure in the case of a man with a potentially endangered baby. The first step should have been getting care for the child.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake. People deviate from "normal procedure" all the time, which is understandable when they get frightened and have to make quick decisions on what to do.


Corrected entry: Jamie Lloyd was at least nine in Halloween 5, which was released in 1989. Halloween 6 was released in 1995. That would make Jamie Lloyd about 15 or maybe even 16. Jamie Lloyd appears to be much older at the beginning of this film.

Correction: Jamie is actually 15, as said on the official halloween website, she just looks older.

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Corrected entry: Michael kills Mrs Strode outside, in the backyard, splattering blood everywhere. 6 seconds later, Kara comes home from school. Michael cleans up the blood, puts the sheets in the washer, and puts Mrs Strode in the attic in the one minute 5 seconds that it takes Kara to walk to the back yard and look around. (00:38:45 - 00:39:50)

Correction: There's no way of telling how much time elapsed from when Michael killed Mrs. Strode to Kara arriving home perhaps it was a leap forward in time like probably around three to five minutes giving Michael plenty if time to hide Mrs Stode's body in the attic and put the bloody sheet in the washer.


Audio problem: When Tommy replays Jamie's call about Michael, there's an announcement at the bus station, when Jamie makes that call, you don't hear that announcement.


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Doctor Sam Loomis: I knew what he was, but I never knew why.

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Trivia: The production of the film was notoriously troubled. There were numerous writers working on numerous drafts of the script before one was finally settled on. Filming was hectic with many scenes being omitted or re-written on-set. And after the first cut was complete, a poor test-screening lead to the film going through drastic reshoots that altered much of the story, including the addition of a brand new ending, which had to be written around the fact that co-star Donald Pleasance passed away shortly after the end of principal photography.

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Chosen answer: In the extended version, it is revealed to be Michael Myers.

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