The Five Heartbeats

Revealing mistake: There are brown pieces of paper that the brother has supposedly been writing songs on (when his sister is in the room cleaning). She picks up the papers and starts to sing, and he flips one of the pieces over as if they have writing on both sides. Only there is no writing on them, even though she is singing the lyrics he has written.

Revealing mistake: When duck and his sister are singing with the toy props, when duck's part comes we can hear the audio, but his lips are not moving.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Flash and the Ebony Sparks are performing, you can see behind Flash, the back-up singer on his right (our left) throw his red sports coat and bow tie on the ground and rips open his shirt. Then when they show a close up of the back-up singers he has it buttoned but is in the process of taking it off. Then when they focus back on Flash, the man's shirt is clearly open, then they go back and he's still trying to open it up and he finally rips it off and goes in the motion of throwing it, but then (less than second) it pans out to show the whole group jump up and do the splits at the end of the song and the man has the shirt on again.

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Eddie: Can't nobody sang like Eddie King Jr.

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