A Fistful of Dollars

Corrected entry: When the Rojos steals the gold from the Mexican soldiers, one of them uses an automatic machine gun to scythe them down. While it has been poorly disguised as a gattling gun, it is clearly a 'true' automatic machine gun, probably either a Vickers or a Browning. Such guns did not exist at the time the movie was set, not long after the Civil War (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, set during that war, was actually a prequel).

Correction: It is not a machine gun, but a "mitrailleuse" volley gun, older than the Gatling gun.

Corrected entry: At the Antonio/Marasol prisoner exchange, Ramone says, "Go. Go to him, Marasol." He should have said, "Go to him, Antonio," since he was talking to Antonio at the time.

Correction: He is saying to Antonio, "Go to Marasol," hence the same as "Go to him; Marasol."

Corrected entry: After Eastwood has shot the four Baxter men near the start of the film, he turns and walks away. No cowboy is going to turn his back on anyone with a gun - especially after he has just killed four of their mates.

Correction: Maybe the other gunmen have already found that Eastwood could draw his gun faster than they could. And if they tried to outgun him they would end up just like their (former) mates?

Corrected entry: The first time in the film where we meet Silvanito, he tells Joe that the coffin maker Piripero is so good at what he does "he can size a man up with a glance" to make the impending coffin for him. The last scene in the film where Joe has killed the last of the Rojos gang, Piripero has a tape measure and is scurrying about taking their measurements.

Correction: Not only is it just hearsay what Silvanito is telling to Joe about Piripero, it is also merely a figure of speech, not to be taken so literally.

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