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Corrected entry: During the torture scene Winston has a tooth removed yet later on during the rat cage torture scene the tooth is back.

Correction: If you were to read the book, you would know that the Ministry of Love gives him dentures and they even leave him be for days at a time where he can eat healthy and work back his strength. The dentures are to prepare him to go back to Oceania so that he doesn't look beaten or abused. If you look closely, you can tell that his teeth are drastically different and whiter, to hint that they are dentures.

Corrected entry: When Winston is in the torture room, after O' Brien takes him off the stretching rack and is looking in mirror with him, he pulls out one of Winston's front teeth, which the camera shows the hole where the tooth was removed. Then, a couple scenes later, when Winston is in room 101, right before he gets the rat cage put on his face, Winston once again has a full set of teeth.

Correction: In both the book and the film it is specified that O'Brien arranges to have Winston fitted with dentures. It is part of the programme of torture to occassionally be 'kind' to prisoners, because withdrawal of that 'kindness' makes things worse.

Corrected entry: When John is entering the shop in the opening scene he has a brown cap on, when he leaves he is bareheaded.

Correction: could it be that he removed his hat while in the store?

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O'Brien: There is no loyalty but loyalty to the Party. There is no love except love of Big Brother. All competing pleasures we will destroy.



When Winston says "Bugger." at the start of the film when he has the cigarette in his mouth, his lips are most definitely not in sync with the word. And it even sounds dubbed over.



In the final scene, when Winston and Julia are playing chess, Winston uses a tactic of going around and hitting from behind. Only minutes later, the news report that Oceanarian forcer defeated Eurasian forces in Africa by using the same tactic. Nothing major but it makes a good point about the rate of citizen monitoring and news manipulation in Oceanaria.