F/X2 (1991)

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Corrected entry: At the beginning when the robot is shot at, it goes to scratch its head but it is so obviously someone else's hand and arm doing the scratching as you can see the robot's arm at the same time. (00:03:55)

Gail Field

Correction: This is during the movie within a movie that they are shooting, reflecting the quality of that "fake" film, not this one.

Corrected entry: Ray Silak introduces Leo McCarthy as, "NYPD retired. He's a private eye, now". Leo was not retired, he was suspended (i.e. fired) in the first movie. (01:29:00)

Correction: As if you are going to tell a potential client that!

Corrected entry: When Rollie is searching the bathroom after Mike dies, he puts the tiny camera into his pocket. Silak later confronts Rollie with this same camera, having found it himself.

Correction: There are 2 cameras. Immediately after Rollie puts one of the cameras in his pocket, Silak comes into the bathroom - Rollie immediately closes the cabinet hiding the second camera. It's this second camera that Silak finds.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence when the she-male/alien throws a street bum through a glass window, the window shatters before the bum even hits it.

Correction: Of course it does. It's a film within a film, and you are watching film crew staging a special effect. It's not meant to be real.

Deliberate mistake: Smoke from a smoke machine smells very acrid, is standard temperature and would never be confused with hot steam from a shower. The man with the knife would have suspected something is wrong once he was in range to smell and feel the "steam". (00:26:35)

Ian Hunt

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Trivia: Midway through the film, Rollie calls his step-son Chris. The film on the TV that Chris is watching is the opening shootout scene from the first movie F/X.

Soylent Purple

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