Game of Death

Factual error: When the bad guys collect the $100 million in cash from the vault, it's been laid out in just 2 suitcases. According to US government specifications, that much cash (it is mentioned in the movie that it is in $100 bills) would be a single pile nearly 50 feet high (about 10 times what is shown) and 1,000kg - a full ton of weight.


Revealing mistake: In the warehouse when Billy kicks one of the black-suited bikers off his bike into the stack of empty tin cans, black wires pulling the bad guy up off the bike and into the cans are visible.

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Dr Land: So much for the weather report. I'm not the only one who just arrived. How about your trip to Berlin Stick?
Stick: It went pretty much as you figured. Now that he's the big star, I couldn't reason with him. He said he was pulling out and he threatened me.
Dr Land: Oh my my my my. The rest of it was in the papers. That's when he committed suicide huh? Haha.
Stick: He just got up and jumped out of the window.

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