The Tao of Steve

Dex is a philosopher whose life revolves around: reading, eating, drinking, teaching kindergarten part time, playing frisbee golf, smoking weed early in the morning, and getting laid. Especially getting laid, which for a fat slob he is amazingly successful at. He emulates the famous Steves (McQueen, McGarrett, Austin) men who follow their own code, don't try to impress women, but the chicks fall all over them anyway. The Tao means that to get laid, you must genuinely not want, or even think about getting laid. Sort of like the sound of one hand clapping. Then he meets Syd at a ten-year college reunion -- a woman who he seduced and completely forgot about.

Guy Holladay

Dex: Y'know, no-one ever says, "Hey, God, how was your day? What can I do for you, God?" Or, "Hey, God, did you catch Letterman last night?"
Syd: Oh, and I suppose you talk to God like that?
Dex: Always. All the time.
Syd: And what does God say?
Dex: He says, "You know what? I saw Letterman and it sucked."

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