Diner (1982)

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Eddie (Steve Guttenberg) gets married. Modell (Paul Reiser) says a speech. When Elyse (Eddie's wife) throws the bouquet, it lands at the table where the gang (Kevin Bacon, Mickey Rourke, etc.) is sitting. During the end credits, the gang can be heard talking at the diner.

Racer X

Continuity mistake: In the kitchen scene when Steve Guttenberg has asked his mom to make him breakfast she chases him around the kitchen with a knife. First the blade is down in her hand, then up, then down again.

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Boogie: You want to bet that she goes for my pecker - first thing?
Fenwick: The only hand on your pecker is going to be your own.
Boogie: You want to bet me? You want to bet me twenty?
Fenwick: Yeah.
Eddie: I'm in.
Modell: Me too.
Shrevie: Yeah, I'm in too. But, we need validation.
Boogie: All right. I'll arrange it.
Shrevie: How? You gonna get - finger prints? I'm tellin' ya, I'm not gonna do the dustin'.

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