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The Pest (1997)

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Continuity mistake: When Pest leaves the bathroom at the beginning of the movie, you can see a towel wrapped around his waist. The shot goes to a full body shot and you see him whip the towel off. The next shot is of his knees down and the towel is back.


Continuity mistake: Pest hits the cue ball straight into the glass, but in another shot he is positioned the right.


Continuity mistake: When the guy puts the tattoo on Pest's face, the tattoo on his face is different from what was shown before it was put on.


Visible crew/equipment: When the Pest is trying to hustle the crowd as a blind man, there is a Hispanic kid in the background watching. He starts making faces and throwing up hand symbols at the camera. He was either a kid who sneaked onto the set or an extra who decided to get noticed.

Continuity mistake: When the pest gets hit in the head by the basketball, it shows a shot of the kids where one of them has his shirt up where you can see his stomach, but the next back view of them, it's pulled down more.


Audio problem: In the Scene where Pest climbs the ladder to the pool party he spits out water and you hear "Ginger, no contest" without him moving his lips.


Revealing mistake: The snake that Pest fights with is made of rubber.


Audio problem: When Pest slaps his black friend in the car, the last slap does not synch up with the sound of the slap.


Other mistake: Before Pest is getting hunted, the hunter makes a toast, there are two mistakes here, one is that the champagne glasses fluctuate the amount that is in them, and in a couple cut scenes you'll see that it is raining, and in others it isn't.

Continuity mistake: When Pest is telling his friends about the scams, you see a front shot of him where his glasses are down below his eyes, but next shot which shows from behind, you can see that his glasses are over his eyes.


Continuity mistake: On the island, when Gustav gives Pest the toast drink, the drink keeps changing throughout the scene from being full, to not quite as full.


Continuity mistake: When Pest pulls the guys pants down and the guy says "We kicked Frances a$$", between shots, the guy on the very left moves his cup.


Factual error: When the Pest is in his girlfriend's house, and Gustav comes in, the pest has way too many bullets. The pistol he has holds one bullet, not 15 or however many he fired.

Continuity mistake: At the start when Pest is in the shower, at first when you see him in the mirror he has a hat on. But when he starts his song, he doesn't have any hat on.


Revealing mistake: When Gustav starts shooting Pest and he jumps into the river, you see that it is not Pest who jumps in.


Continuity mistake: At the festival, when the Pest walks over to Xantha he's holding a cup in his hand, when they switch camera angles the cup is gone.

Visible crew/equipment: When Pest hits the cue ball into the cup, you can see the string that lifts it up.


Plot hole: When Leo, Gustav and Himmel are driving through Miami looking for Pest, Gustav notices that the tracking device that was put in Pest's underwear shorted out because of how much he was sweating. An earlier scene showed that Pest jumped off a boat in the middle of the ocean and swam to Miami. Since the tracking device was in Pest's underwear the whole time, it should have shorted out the moment he jumped into the water leaving Pest safe and Leo, Himmel and Gustav driving around aimlessly.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Pest is about to exit the house, you can see that the door is a solid six-panel door. But when he exits, the door has a fan-light glass insert. (00:04:20)


Himmel: Don't flatter me.
Pest: Alright. You have a big nose, your feet stink and your mother dresses you funny.

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Question: When the police show up to arrest Gustav, why did he say that he doesn't recognize their authority? He knows who they are and what they're going to do so why does he say he doesn't?

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